English Rose Nautical Association


I am a trustee for the above charity, which has been formed for a number of years. Our aim is to help under privileged children within the Sea Cadets and other youth organisations to attend courses within their own units. These are children who maybe from one parent families, or from families who just cannot afford the costs of some of the courses. For instance a week away on the TS Royalist, or other Sea Cadet Offshore Vessels can be in excess of £150 all in.

We at the English Rose therefore in many way raise money how ever we can so that we can help these children to enjoy the same fun as their Cadet partners.

The ERNA is associated with the Meridian Trust Association which helps in many ways such as acquiring sailing yachts, and other boats for use within the Sea Cadets as the MoD do not now help at this front. The Association also offers Work Studies, and Apprenticeships for Cadets who wish to work in the Boat Trade, Shipwright by offering a position with the Trust. Again this costs, and the Trust puts up so much of the fees, which then leaves a considerable amount to find. Again this is usually OK for those who come financially sound families, but not to those as indicated above.

We are always looking for donations, and support financially from all parties.

Regards, Chris

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