English horses sent to France to be eaten

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by slim, May 19, 2007.

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  1. If it had been Beef, pork or Lamb nothing would be said
    British sentimentality once more. Nothing wrong with a nice bit of Red Rum, as the French know horse-meat is always tender no matter the age of the horse.
    English horses sent to France to be eaten
  2. Why do we export live animals. Do we not recieve frozen lamb from NZ and OZ.

    It was once said The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

    The Killing Floor

    Three slaughterhouses marked the end of the road for 88,000 American horses in 2005. But it's Europeans who are eating the meat.

    In the East Texas hamlet of Kaufman last month, a fetid wind ruffled the stripes of the largest American flag in town. It had been a gift to locals from executives of the pungent Dallas Crown slaughterhouse. A few blocks away, company president Michael deBeukelaar stood in City Hall for the Pledge of Allegiance, conspicuously holding his tongue. The Belgian and his foreign bosses were about to learn whether a city commission would force a shutdown of the plant, which had supplied meat to tables in Europe and Japan for more than 20 years, deBeukelaar seemed most concerned with one intractable problem: Americans don't eat horse.

    Although they say they have nothing to hide, none of the slaughterhouses have allowed activists or the press inside. E had tentatively set up such a visit, but it was vetoed by the plants' European owners. "We're a little concerned about the purpose of someone coming there," says Dallas Crown attorney Mark Calabria. "If it's simply to run us down or paint us in a bad light, we don't really see the need to open the door."

    Finch led his video crew around the plant, past a half dozen snarling, chained rottweilers, to a tangle of pipes and vents. Misters sprayed deodorizer that did little to mask the stink of intestines. From inside a narrow cinderblock structure came an occasional chain rattle, whinny and thud. This was the plant's "kill room."
    Many horses here suffer horribly painful deaths, Finch believes. A gun with a retractable spike, known as a "captive bolt," is supposed to fell the animals in one quick jolt to the brain. But two different workers kill horses for the plant on different days and Finch often hears one of them shoot the bolt repeatedly. "The Thursday guy is good," he said. "The Monday guy is terrible."
    U.S. and European regulations ensure the horses are killed humanely, said Brent Gattis, a spokesperson for the slaughterhouses. "Although I am told by the plants that they haven't had any problems with 'missing,' or however you want to say that, the Europeans require them to have an extra captive bolt at the ready just in case there is a problem," he says.

    Whatever happens inside the plant, there's little dispute that slaughtering a large animal can be nasty. Angling out of the kill room and over a puddle of blood, a conveyor belt carried a freshly stripped-off horse pelt, turning it over the lip of a dumpster in a bundle of ear, skin and tail. The scene was a stone's throw from the backyard of a house where children played.
  3. Can't see the problem. Horses are fine animals - so are cattle, sheep, and pigs, but most of us don't get too sentimental about their fate whilst tucking into our Sunday roast.
    When I was a lad, just after the war, I used to go to the "Continental Butchers" on a Saturday morning and buy a couple of pounds of horse meat to supplement the few ounces of scrag end which we were allowed on the ration. Also ate whale steak when it was introduced, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Worked briefly in a slaughterhouse once. Didn't enjoy it, but eating meat is legal, and someone has to do it.

  4. many countries eat different meats..........such as
    rats..guinipigs..snake..dog..cat..kangeroo...lizards.. locust..spiders..grass hoppers.. bettles...scorpions....to name a few...
    is this because they are indifferent to the cuteness of some of the animals OR more likely eat the animals that are in abundance within their enviroment.......or culture
    How many of us have eaten something we would not normaly eat whilst away...............or at a foreign freinds house.........
  5. English horses in france, a big dilema

    French or English mustard :lol: :lol:
  6. Horse radish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Josiecats
    Many of us have eaten some horrifying items when working overseas. The Chinese have a saying "If it's back points to the sun eat it".
    I've eaten Locusts and Beetles in Thailand the locusts scratched my throat and as they were fried in paprika repeated all night (seems that the reason for scratching the throat was I should have removed the legs). The Beetles tasted like Tuna.
    In China I ate Tortoise and many other things that the interpreter would not tell me the names of. The Chinese definitely eat Rat, I've seen the dead ones for sale on street corners.

    Worst thing China Donkeys Treasure, the donkey only has one of these and it tastes CHEWWY
  8. Horse meat very tender and very rich in IRON recomended by Italian doctors for eneamic children
    Eaten quite a bit of it on the continent, very nice too, and usually cheaper than beef steak
  9. Some of them made it through to Catalunya and delicious they were too..
    A little tough but delicious none the less.
  10. lidl.... do a very good horse meet sausage...fabulass in a salad... or stir fry
    yummmmmmm very spicy.........
  11. I can assure you Josie, none of the above will be served at THIS foreign friends house!! :p
  12. Josie is it sold in this country or just their overseas branches? Also is it marked horse meat, I would like to try it, though I must have eaten horse meat when abroad I would probably not been informed of the fact (except for the donkeys treasure).
  13. Do you do Kangaroo?

    That was nice :)
  14. There is a speciality restaurant in Nairobi called Carnivore.
    They serve game.
    You can pick from:
    Lion, monkey, zebra, giraffe and many other exotic animals.

    A lion isn't just for Christmas, eat it any day.
  15. No sorry Karma :cry:

    You have to eat kangaroo quite rare, due to where most of the fillets are taken from (usually the hind legs).

    As I don't eat meat rare or semi-rare, I don't personally eat it, but my Dad absolutely loves it, and never has it without plum sauce!!
  16. That makes sense. Ate it in Sydney and Cairns when I was over a couple of years ago.

    Ah, well I'm very much the cut off its horns and wipe its arse type of carnivore.
  17. :D :D

    Anything a good blood transfusion would get back on its feet then?? :p
  18. :D

    That's it
  19. My girlfriend "tasted" me last night but did't actually eat it!!

    (Oh, how the tone of the subject goes down hill when I come on line!! 8O 8O :lol: :lol: )

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