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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by lonestar, Dec 27, 2009.

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  1. This is England: On the trail of the English Defence League

    Not a surprise to me that something like this is happening, to be honest after the riots in Oldham a few years back I expected things to go downhill faster than they have. I can see running battles in the streets within a few years, those of us that warned the multiculturalism experiment would go bang at some point might sadly be proved right.
  2. I've met and spoken to some of these brainless morons. The EDL are playing the patriotism and victim card hard. And as much as they say they are not, they are a bunch of racist, pigshit thick, ignorant wannabe footie hooligans who blame others for their own shortcomings. They desperately want to attach themselves to the forces by "policing" homecomings and repatriations, not in my name they won't.

    I'm still waiting for the EDL member from Rochdale; who got uppity with me on Facebook for not backing the EDL, to come round my house and fill me in like he promised.
  3. Multiculturalism will only fail if racist morons like the EDL get a say in what happens. Multiculturalism is a positive. Its the small minded 'little-englander' mentality which is the problem. Society changes, some people need to accept that and not try and blame problems on foreigners or Muslims.
  4. Crawl back under your stone,with yer mates
  5. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You should nip over to "The bl*** cnut tried to blow up the plane" thread. That wisdom will be lost on them, and the ensuing dribbling and scratching of heads would be funny.
  6. The problem is that we really don't have a multi-cultural society at all. In a (rightful) attempt to ensure harmony among people of different cultural backgrounds in this country, we have encouraged the rejection of individual cultures (be they "English", "Muslim", or any other) in favour of shoehorning everyone into acceptance of a bastardised, homogenous "multi-culture" that nobody identifies with. Case in point: one daren't draw a distinction between English culture and Muslim culture; because are we not all of one, multi-cultural company?

    No. The reality is we have diversity, and that's all well and good. Multiculturalism ought to equate to diversity. It doesn't. If it did, then nobody would feel ill at ease proudly identifying themselves as English; or whatever other lifestyle they feel suits them.

    The root of problems like the EDL is that we have created taboo out of one's real identity. This eroding of identity produces aggressive, defensive reactions from their ilk, who aim their vitriol at anyone different from them. That's very unfortunate. What we need is a climate that cordially allows for an Englishman to have his ways and other cultures, their own. Then you might call this a "mutli-cultural" society.
  7. Woah! Don't include me with the EDL lot, when I say i'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner i'm not justifying it, i'm saying that I thought the rise of race based violence would increase as a few years back it was happening pretty frequently. Recently, in my area anyway, it has started to become a lot more of a regular occurance again hence my somewhat gloomy predictions for what might happen in the future.

    I don't dislike "the multiculturalism experiment" because I dislike the concept of multiculturalism, I dislike it because it was badly managed and somewhat artificially manipulated which has left it destined for failure or serious difficulty for years to come.
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I'm not a fan of Multiculturalism nor am I a fan of the EDL.

    If everyone was treated the same then my views may well change but the way I see it with Muslim peers threatening parliament with 10,000 Muslims marching on it because he didn't like something or young Muslim men waving placards about demanding people be beheaded my views aren't looking at getting swayed anytime soon.

    You dont see many disaffected youngsters from Truro or Plymouth trying to blow trains and planes up do you?

    Also I think Nick Griffin is a one trick racist pratt, but, who the fcuk cares what I think? certainly not anyone in power, did we get a say in multiculturalism?

    I dont think I was even allowed the option of saying I was "English" in the last census or what ever it was, real inclusive that was.
  9. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    So, what do you suggest? 'Round 'em all up, and ship 'em home'? 'Put 'em all in prisons'?

    One in ten children born in the UK are now of mixed cultural origin. Them as well? What about third, fourth and now fifth generation non-indigenous people? They were all born in Britain. All British Nationals. Gays as well? Ship 'em out?

    I love this 'multicultural experiment goes bang' rubbish. It feeds the hatred and resentment that pondlife like EDL gobble up. We are multicultural, we will remain multicultural and so be it forever. No point is wasting time bleating about imagined consequennces and masturbating over the screaming headlines in the Daily Mail. Suck it up and dry your eyes. The 'experiment' was all very well and good when we were experimenting with turning India and most of the Asian continent multicultural about three hundred years ago, and now we are just going to have to crack on with the inevitable. Stop boo-hooing about how them dirty muslims are invading your life and try to understand why and where this is going in this milennia.

  10. I agree somewhat with Dunkers.

    A lot of the members of such groups like the EDL are angry because they feel they views of the traditional white "english" working class man are being ignored, or relegated in worth below that of other communities (e.g. Islam etc).

    The attempt of the political elite to create this all-in-one Britishness and the PC brigade pandering to the Islamic community whereby they are too scared to say or do anything they believe will offend Muslims helps creates the atmosphere to create groups like the EDL.
  11. As I said above, I'm in no way a supporter of the EDL, the multiculturalism experiment goes bang was perhaps a poorly chosen phrase - I wrote it quickly. I am not an enemy of the idea of multiculturalism, however I do think it was a definite policy decision to shepherd it through at such pace when Labour first came in in 1997. As such it should have been measured and monitored and certainly managed a lot more responsibly - this is my major problem with it and unfortunately there isn't a lot we can do to reverse it.

    I do think there will be an 'event' of some sort, an incident where the various voices of resentment will come together and go a bit wrong, whether the rise of the EDL is the beginning of that I don't know, it is all a bit unsavoury really. I hope our glorious leaders can have a mature political discussion where it matters before too long on the way forward to stop the movement of moderates towards hardline groups, unfortunately it seems Westminster is an 'immigration discussion free zone' for the time being.
  12. I have to undertake my regular Race & Diversity indoctrination next month where they remind me how to be a complete unbiased robot whilst at work. Unfortunately it don't work like that and I am sure that if I look around me I will find somebody who will support the EDL/BNP cause. I like to remind some of my colleagues when they complain about immigration that I'm technically an immigrant as I come from a non uk part of the British Isles, would they send me home? I'm your average white man by the way. By attempting to create this perfect society the twats in charge have isolated more than they have united. Going into an illegal war and continuing with a foreign policy with no defined outcome in Afghanistan is further isolating in the community. All we are doing is giving both sides ammunition to cause civil unrest and conduct terrorist atrocities. Whoever is driving the EDL needs to be dealt with quickly before the really do some damage. I doubt if the morons on the shop floor would be so active without the guidance of the pieces of S**T on top.
  13. In the first instance I am no EDL supporter but when it comes to multicultural society....!

    What really gripped my shit recently..went to Bella Italia i.e. large nationwide food chain for a meal in Birmingham..do you think I could order a pepperami pizza, spicy meatballs (big favourite for my other half not impressed)..no chance they had been removed from the menu along with everything else non chicken due to the religious implications in an ethnically diverse area (as quoted by manager)..what a joke!!

    I understand the sensitivity issues etc but an Italian restaurant that can't serve parma ham!!!

    Whose discriminating against whom???
  14. I think very few people (even those with racist views) care about someone's mere skin colour, these days. "Modern" racism has got more to do with cultural differences and the disproportionate promotion thereof (see WarMonger's post).
  15. I think that the plan by the nice people who think about these things was that "multiculturism" would let people do "their own thing". That as opposed to a homogonised society.

    Now I don't mind the people who run the chip shop talking Chinese to each other, the nicy lady in the take-away dressing like a black wigwam and I don't even mind lad with the turban delivering pizzas from his motorbike. What does pox me off, though, is road names being replaced by Pitman shorthand plates, parents refusing to let their kids wear school uniform and those that try to assert and instal their particular bit of Christ knows where in my bloody Country. I will, of course, resist these moves in my way and not via the EDL/BNP brains trust.
  16. And how do you think the Iraqi's and Afghan's feel about us? At least our "bloody foreigners" don't do it with ordnance.
  17. Yet.
  18. Yes, because they are ALL terrorists aren't they? Point being, we mank and moan about having other ways of life and culture forced upon us whilst we do the exact same for our own ends with military invasion.
  19. I know the reasons for military invasion have been argued at length on this forum but I don't recall anyone suggesting it was to force our way of life and culture on the indigenous population.
  20. Montigny-La-Palisse. It's no good playing the numbnuts card because we know you're not. You knew what I meant and that your comparison wasn't even on the same planet; but I do see that you averted the risk of agreeing with me. :D

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