England win 36 - 20

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by old45marine, Sep 28, 2007.

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  1. What a great game after a fecking crap start...To the World Cup
    This kind of thing gives all the lads a boost , and is a great up lift as well

    A great game for British Rugby,,and God bless all you Boots

    I say British because at the end of the day we are all brothers in arms .

    Ya I know i am a silly old fecker

  2. Great game Steve...reminded me of the time I played the local Borstal when playing open side wing forward (flanker) for Ganges :thumright: :thumright: back in 54/55 ....bloody hard game :biggrin: ....I wonder how Wales will get on this afternoon :afro: :afro: As you say ...British rugby at it's best :rambo: :rambo:
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Cracking game, well done England and best of luck to the welsh and the jocks.
  4. Yeh it was a good game, better than what I'd have expected.
    Currently Romania are playing The All Blacks, and Romania are getting beasted. :thumleft:
  5. You are so right it was a vast improvement on the performance so far, I'd go so far as to say that England have to oppertunity to go all the way in the "any thing is possible" stakes. But as far as all being brothers in arms, when have you ever seen a jock support any other british side (unless its playing against england). All the FRISPs I have worked with seem to go out of their way NOT to support us.
  6. It was a good win and a vast improvement on the performances we have seen lately. They will need to go up a few gears and re-cycle the ball quicker to have a chance of beating the Aussies.
  7. Oh dear, Wales lost :boogie:
  8. My father-in-law is about to receive a lot of incoming. :)
  9. Excellent :plotting:
  10. Just not big enough.....what do they feed these Southern Hemisphere guys on? Only one consolation ...the best try was scored by the smallest player on the field
  11. No wonder the Navy carnt beat the Army if Fiji can beat Wales (1/3 of em play for the army)Can to Green Death recruit some to give us a figthing chance next May at Twickers???
  12. We were in France when Ireland lost to the French..
    It was a good night and very good natured with absolutely no trouble at all, and everyone getting on really well.
    This was in Biarritz and Ryanair have direct flights from Shannon so a lot of Irish had come for the weekend.
    Everyone got on really well despite the amount of beer drunk. Shouts of 'Vive la France (from the Irish) and 'Vive Irlande' from the French went on until the early hours.
    Why is Rugby so much more 'gentlemanly' (if there is such a word) than football.
  13. The brother in law would be getting some grief being a taffy but I fear England are going to get a few points shipped past them by the Aussies. As for why you don't get grief as such after rugby games much of its down to the types of fans. Used to go and watch both Quinns and Chelsea, big difference in the fans. Also rugby fans can handle their ale, unlike others.
  14. There is an old saying that I have found to be very true
    Football is a game for gentlemen played and watched by animals ..Rugby is a game for animals played and watched by gentlemen :thumright:

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