England Team 1966-2010

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by white_mafia, May 27, 2010.

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  1. With the finals only 3 weeks away, I have deviated from trawling porn and looked at the best we have produced to amalgamate these into a first X1.

    I propose: Banks, Cohen, Cole, Moore, .Charlton, Beckham, Gerrard, Lineker, Beardsley, Rooney, Shearer

    I expect incoming very shortly.
  2. Beckham ? He doesn't do a full match does he ? ;)

    I propose Crouch in his place

  3. But you are proposing a centre forward for a midfielder. The vast majority of Beckam's caps were earned playing for the full 90. It is only under Capello that he has been subbed
  4. It was a tongue in cheek comment .... :oops:

    But I do believe that he recently went on the field to 'equal' a record capping, and came off after minutes - could hardly be counted as a full 90 ??

    And as for Crouch, with legs that long, he could cover a variety of positions .... :D ;)
  5. Neville Southall

    Derek Mountfield

    Andy Gray

    Trevor Steven

    Graeme Sharp

    Kevin Sheedy

    Pat van den Hauwe

    Gary Stevens

    Kevin Ratcliffe

    Paul Bracewell

    Peter Reid

    I thought you said best team in England, sorry had to add a few Jocks and Welsh into the mix!!! :D

    Yes, I did have to go back to 85 to find a decent Everton Team!!! :cry:
  6. And who would be their Manager?

    Brian Clough?
  7. Manager would have to be Alf even though he was a miserable scroat.

    Since then the collection of odds and sods and foreign wanabees have never come close.

    If I could pick anyone it would have to be Mourinho.

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