England shite again.

Barry gets ball, Barry sort of wobbles 2 paces, a man approaches with sun tan and dubious 5 day beard, Barry falls over................and the 2nd half starts now..........Is Lampard playing.........??


I have hit the 'puter at 1/2 time to post some filth on gashbarge and am seriously thinking of staying here for the 2nd half.

No passion, commitment or joined-up thinking. I feel sorry for Capello.
NotmeChief said:
This isn't a team, it's 11 players doing their own thing which is sod all.
I said the exact same thing to my son about 30 minutes into the game.

There is no movement, no fight and no cohesion at all and we are struggling against a side 'we' should be hammering.

Just heard Keegan say "A draw would not be a disasterous result" Which only further explains why he was a crap England manager.
v8diver said:
whats new about the way they play its been like that for years no heart
come on algeria
Just coz they play in green, although they have been to far more World Cups than you Northern Irish eh? :wink:
And what does the twat say at the end 'it could have been worse' - how could it have been worse than that?

I've seen the Argyle play better more cohesive football.
Well, funilly enough. I said this last week. They have no passion. Which is ashame, they should take a look at some smaller teams like hmmm, scotland ? :lol: That have so much passion for the jersey.

I thought england might have got through, but after the past two performances, not a chance in hell.
well said when the smaller nations players put on the jersey of their country they wear it with pride and play their heart out
the england players should take note


I think it is a mix of problems. They can perform well week in week out in the Premiership, which to be honest is not the best league in the World. Only the best paid.

When they come up against even modest international teams, they struggle. Heskey is no longer international class (if he ever was), and they do not seem to possess the basics of what is required at this level. There are no longer any teams around that you can expect to hammer.

Instant control, comfortable on the ball, the killer pass, and a belief in the jersey. So many players were below par, that I fully expected us to lose.

Then again - my 2nd team, Spain, struggled the other night, with 11 class players.

I fully expect Slovenia to win the group with USA 2nd.
labrum said:
England 3 - 1 Slovenia (you heard it here first)
Ok i may get slated, but im going to agree with you, but my prediction will be 2-0 to England.
When that team goes on the pitch, we are going to see the roar of the three lions, were going to see the passion, the skill, and the killer instinct that us English are renowned for.
Rooney is going to be like Bulldog on steroids, victory is within our grasp.
Our team is going to be just like the knights when they was on their crusade, fearless and respected.

Ok i will stop talking sh*t now.

Were screwed.
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