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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by NotmeChief, May 30, 2010.

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  1. I like what was posted on the Japan 3 - 0 England report.

    If Frank Lampard had taken shots at John Lennon he would still be alive today wouldnt he! lol

    God!!!...Ive never seen anyone miss so many penalties!

    Currys are offering customers £10 for every goal scored by England. Don't look like they will be paying out much.
  2. The same shower of overpaid unpatriotic fcukwits that have been around in one guise or another for decades.

    How a player on 120K a week (!!!!) can fail to score against the 2nd string goalie of a 2nd rate team is beyond comprehension. Seems to have little trouble with Christine Bleakley.

    Then to top it all off - on comes Heskey, who needs 10 chances to get his head/foot on one.

    Words fail me. I feel sorry for the people who have committed a lot of money to follow this bunch to SA.
  3. Ha I like that! :lol:

    Ya todays performance didn't fill me with confidence for the world cup, but then again England's performance never does, I just hope they can pull it through in 13 days time! Come on England!!
  4. He's missed 4 penalties in 4 years you clown. Hardly a poor record considering he is club and country penalty taker.
  5. Lets hope he's just getting them out the way for South Africa. Of more concern is the quite frankly piss poor performances in the last 2 games.

    Never mind the people wasting money going to SA I'm pissed off with the £30 I wasted going to Wembley on Monday night. And the £8 to get a beer and a hot dog (no fcuking pies!) that took 30 mins to get and made me miss 2 goals. Bastards the lot of them :evil:
  6. I'm no fan of Lampard but at least his passes were finding other Englishmen. Unlike everyone else. My £20 on USA winning the first game is looking astute.
  7. My 1st post on Lampard was, on reflection, a tad unfair. He has been a consistent performer, and one of the few to be worth his corn.

    Agree, that the standard of passing - at this level - was atrocious.
  8. Might as well just use Blackpool, I'm sure they could of done a better job. But in all fairness it was just a friendly and by the look of things it was just a bad day. But who cares it's a good reason to go down the boozer when the cup kicks off.

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