England moves from Scotland

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. After reading thisthread on Arrse, it made me think a little,

    My brother and I are the only English within our family, half being from S,Ireland and the other half from the deepest, darkest, depths of the northern rural Scotland.

    Scotland are better off within the UK status and it has been mentioned as a whole we stand a better chance fighting off the EU taking over our funds etc. But how would it affect us all as a whole. If Scotland were to move away from the UK status, would I need a passport to go and see my family? Would that mean in some way that part otf the familt that did move England have to gain a visa to stay?

    What would actually happen?
  2. An interesting question Jenny to which I must add.

    My ex wife is a Scot, as is my Kirkcaldy born son who still lives with her in Fife. If they break away from the UK (heaven forbid but they just might be partisan enough - and mad enough to do it ! ) how would I stand as regards seeing my son - would I need visas' too. Could he still play for England if he wanted to ?
  3. I'm English born, of a Welsh mother. I spent most of my naval career in Scotland and married a Scot. I stayed up here when I left the Pusser, and my daughter was also born in Kirkcaldy. (That being the nearest maternity hospital to Dunfermline, as they shut ours when Jack pulled out, so to speak)

    I remember at the time of the referendum for the Scottish "wee hoose at the bottom of the hill", that the SNP leader said that anyone resident in Scotland at the time of independance could regard themselves as Scottish.

    No disrespect, but not as long as my arse points downwards!

    I regard myself as British.

    We're all too intermingled now to class ourselves as different races. Cultures, maybe, but that's all dictated to us by the so-called "chattering classes".

    Come the revolution, they'll be first against the wall.
  4. Sorry Streaky but I do not wish to be classed as British.

    I was born, remain, and will always be English.

    As it says on my belt "British by birth - English by the grace of God"
  5. I am mixed blood, English by birth and life etc but blood lines I wouldn't be counted.

    My Grandma always said the English had the foot in the door with everything sand to be classed otherwise left you with the scraps.

    MY mum's Auntie Rita was IIrsh, her husband was SAS during WW2. She had moved to London for a better life and money, however during WW2 they were cast aside with the 'ethnic' groups. Made to be illegal immagraints, this I never understood, her husband, southern Irish was on the front line for another country (England) and the Irish were still made to be the dirt.
  6. I tend to regard all nationalism as bullshit these days.
    It's just another weapon in the politicians' armoury to get what they want.

    Who was it who said that "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"?

    (Along those lines, anyway.)
  7. Can I be classed as a 'gwar' rather than a brit?
  8. Jenny

    I have no doubt that the same rules would apply in both directions to them that apply to Eire/Southern Ireland since Independence. Subject to security considerations,WW11, NI troubles, it has been free movement, employment and residencial rights.


  9. The answer to the above from me is yes and yes. So I guess that makes me British first and English first. I just wish some others could come to the same compromise.

    Just have to mention that we are/were all in the English navy! Just take a look at the White Ensign; St Georges cross with the union flag inserted. One up to the English I think.

  10. Sorry guys since devalution, and all the flag waving from the North and west of England, I now consider myself as,
    "English 1st, British 2nd, and European Never."
    I was very happy to be British when we were all together, now I am as English as a Scot is a Scot.
  11. What about the RED and BLUE ensigns?Nelson was an Admiral of the Blue, me ? Im of a barstad race as every other member of this country is.
  12. So, dt number, you're saying you condone the break up of the British Isles, then?

    I'm firmly of the opinion that divided we fall.
  13. The quote is attributed to Dr. Samuel Johnson, being alledgedly uttered on 7.4.1775, according to Boswell, in his 'Life of Dr.Samuel Johnson'.

    I think, ironically, General de Gaulle put it much better, and in so doing succinctly described the problems with modern French nationalism when he argued that

    [align=center]'Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first.'[/align]

    I loathe nationalism of any kind.
  14. Just to put some oil on the waters--
    Been in Scotland since 1960 -my kids are Scots -Kirkcaldy and St Andrews!! I am English .

    The Scots will never break away --they can't !! Independance is a myth .

    Reason--the UK donates so much money to the Scottish Region from the National coffers Scotand is not self supporting either!!
    The Scottish Office --under Conservative rule did as much or even more than the clowns in Holyrood at the moment. And for a lot less of the budget!!
  15. Just say Scotland made a break for it;

    Would they reinstate their Monarch? After all, England did go to some lengths to kill Mary Queen of Scots. If this was to happen, who is the blood line to the Scottish Monarch?

    Would the line still be in French blood???

    This is all obv in theory,

  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A break a way by the Scots would be interesting, where would the revenue come from to run the Country. They get by far the largest slice of the taxpayers cake out of Scotland, England and Wales (I'm not so sure about NI because they have qualified for a lot of EU money). My understanding is that most of the money is paid in by residents in England, notice that I said residents in England and not the English, so it could be argued that England would be financially better off.

    I have not, to date, seen any reasons given for England not to have its own ruling body, all Bliars cronies seem to want to do is bring in yet another layer of regional government, along with the so called Regional Assemblies, which seem to be wholly Government appointed. Personally I would hate to see England broken up in this way, I believe that its the old saying, divide and rule, being brought into play. Another way, along with the additional handouts to Labour areas and a reduction in Central Government money going to Tory areas, especially the Shire Counties.
  17. The history of the Monarchy and the twists and turns --actually the English took a Scottish King [James the first--who was James the sixth of Scotland!!] Mary Queen of Scots was his Mother!!
    Then he married Anne of Denmark and his successor was Charles the first!!
    Bad news was the religious aspects --he instigated the King James Bible!!
    Protestant v Catholics started then!! heheh!!
  18. Hense why a pee'd off RC tried to get James 1st to unrestrict the RC laws binding them, which led to no and parliment going bomb! Well no so bomb but still gives us the 5th Nov!

    Henry 8th to blame for the RC restrictions, got too greedy with his wifes :wink:
  19. The Monarchy and the wheeling and dealing during those years was something else--- Charles got his head removed by the protestants-- its a bit silly really because the monarchs at the time still took catholic wives or were catholic but were technically head of the English church.

    So untill the arrival of King Billy the UK never really settled down to one faith --
  20. Most Scots believe that the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 was English against Scots, which is not true.
    Essentially it was Catholic Stuarts against Protestant Hanoverians, which included the most populous, central belt, area of Scotland.
    The Highlands, which was still mainly catholic, had always been regarded as backwards, and this period was the start of the industrial revolution.

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