England Football Team Sing the National Anthem!


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Anyone else notice that for the first time certainly in my memory ALL of the England football team sung the National Anthem!

English and Belgian national anthems - YouTube


The football isn't exactly exciting but I couldn't give a monkeys. I'd be happy to win every game 1-0.

I'm slightly upbeat about it all TBH. I know we've lost a lot of good players but with some of the old lads dropping out with injuries I hope to see some of the future England stars come to the fore and show us what they're made of. No fear!

And as for Rio Ferdinand I hope he never dons another England shirt. His "representitives" rant in the media makes him look like a spoiled child who's spat his dummy out. He's hardly played any games this season and when he has he's been averagea and made some telling mistakes. He doesn't deserve a call up. There's only so many of the old guard that you can have in a team without diluting the new talent coming through.

Euro 2012: Rio Ferdinand unhappy with England manager Roy Hodgson following Gary Cahill's withdrawal - Telegraph#

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