Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Scorpio1986, Mar 4, 2015.

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  1. Hello all.

    I am currently arranging my transfer to the WE branch from REME. I am currently a REME CLass 1 tech Elec.

    I was wondering if people could give me an insight into the POET course. Is it the same as the REME Tiffy Course?? Some general info from those that have done it would be helpful.

    I am also told i would need to do a SRLC after the POETQC. I have read in the various spiels that you are required to do 40km in 48hours...carrying 30kg!!! I dont know about you but isnt this alot of weight, is this correct??

    Any details of both courses would be helpful so i know what i am letting myself in for.

    many thanks
  2. What, you will transfer straight in as a PO?

    What is your sea experience?

    What is your experience with naval equipment?

    As for SRLC, have you don't LRLC?????
  3. I have been told i would do POETQC and SRLC followed by 18 months sea service, as long as i get recommendation to PO from WEO i would be promoted.

    I may not have the sea or naval equipment experience, however i have done tours of Afghan, Iraq and Falklands to name a few. Im not some sprog walking off civvy street with no military and technical experience.
  4. Tours of Afghan and Falklands mean little on the blue crinkly stuff.

    But maintain naval kit, living and breathing the navy, being a duty technical rating alongside etc. You will walk in as a killick on a fast track to PO???

    As said, no offence.
  5. Funky, tiffs did that for years, no difference really.
  6. Well you are entitled to your opinion, proof will be in the pudding.
  7. They started at the bottom. Albeit got quick promotion and they are doing the same sort of thing with ET fast track promotion. What you won't have (nor did have) is someone on PO course that had zero sea days, zero duties under their belt, doing a crash course on the RN and even learning how to march, salute differently.
  8. Im not the first, not will i be the last, if it didnt work for so long i dont think they would still be doing it.

    Within the army there are many variations of drill, and learning a new salute is not really the most difficult of steps in the process.
  9. Not by the time they got to sea as ships company. They joined as apprentices, did 2 years training, at sea for 1 year under training, picked up their hook, did another 2 years shore side training, joined a unit as a killick and invariably picked up their PO's within a year.

    Minimal seagoing experience but an SR working on a section!, like I said, no difference apart from the OP does have military experience, just the lingo and kit has changed.
  10. It was an example.

    Good luck in joining your ship or submarine and not having a single day of experience to use. In a position that requires you have quite a bit on day 1.
  11. Just my opinion. Regardless of what happened in the past
  12. Dont need luck, Bye for now
  13. You will when the WEO is breathing down your neck because of a defect is having an impact on meeting the sailing date. Everyone is beyond snowers and can't really help so much.

    Just letting you know what happens out there right now.
  14. no change to the army officers breathing down our necks for vehicles not being ready for an assault.......................
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  15. He'll have a CPO as section head, he'll take the flak, been there done that!!!
  16. But shite always rolls downhill, im sure its the same in the Navy.
  17. SRLC is easy. The weight is a standard Bergen and it's not like a CFT!! Enjoy POETQC, have you choose your stream yet?
  18. So the weight being 30kg is a load a shite then, cos i dont know about you but our CFT weight is only 15kg which is fine, but 30kg.......different kettle of fish especially over Brecon.

    Im still undecided between Weapons and Sonar.

    Whats your insight into this.
  19. It's not a speed march, more of a checkpoint navex. The Bergen is packed for 24 hours in the field, as a Pongo you should excel in this. ;-)
  20. Go Weapons! Much more fun!
    You get to make stuff go bang, boom, whoosh! :D

    But then again I'm biased ;)

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