ENGINEERS: Financial Retention Incentive

I would say it depends on how quick the paperwork is processed at West Battery. I put mine in on the 2nd, mrs seems to think it will be either May or June.
I suppose the FRI is more of a 'thank you' to those who are in for life anyway.

There are plenty of cracking opportunities outside for good, adaptable forces techs and engineers. But you do need to look for them via a sustained campaign, because 'Quest' and CTP shy away from letting you know about the really good ones. Far more people would be heading for the door, and they wouldn't be able to burn up people's ELCAS credits on useless courses run by their bandit mates.
Wash your mouth out! Quest ran a fabulous article recently on the wealth of franchise opportunities out there, including mobile dog grooming, oven cleaning, and my favourite, children's entertainer (clown, in old money).
Word is that they (wo2wes) will not be given the option to revert to cpo. They are very unhappy about this as they feel they have been stitched up for being successful - get promoted have a pay cut is the message here. Quite how they are supposed to mangage cpos who get 8000 a year more than them for the next 3 years is a bitter pill to swallow when they have got to compete against the same cpos for promotion going forward. Still at least they will have a nice parchment to stick on thier wall at home, or maybe in the bin for what its worth.
Has anyone heard anyhing fi
rm on this situation as to whether reversion is an option for wo2wes to get a piece of the fri action?
I put it in on the 10th. I've not heard of anyone getting it yet. Hopefully the end of next month.

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If not paid by now which im guessing it is, when were you due it? Was there ros still to run from last fri or even course?

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