engineering training squadron

hi all. my son is just about to pass out of sultan next week he is going to be based in plymouth
he has been put in an engineering training squadron next week what douse this mean he has just done 9 months training at sultan .
thanks mitch.
Means that he is about to learn how to apply the SMALL amount of knowledge that he has learned at school to life in the RN
Sultan (spit) teaches the broad level stuff, in the Fleet Air Arm you learn the aircraft you are going to work on at an Engineering Training School (ETS). You are nowhere near ready post Sultan to pen flxops and baffle pilots into not booking the aircraft U/S :)
Now the real answer....

You may be aware, as it's been widely reported in the press, that the RN has a significant shortage of marine and weapon engineers, this shortage is predominantly at the PO but also LET level. As you would expect we cannot simply just promote everyone straight to LET or PO and it is equally difficult to recruit suitably qualified personnel straight in at those levels. There is a trial about to start (lateral entry - direct entry technician).

So, the only current way we can attempt to fill the shortfall of LET and POETs is to increase the amount of people we recruit to the maximum capacity of the training schools. We have done this. What we have now is a jetty bulge, where we have a whole load of new ET2s who need to get to sea and demonstrate their sea competencies so they can become ET1s. We need ET1s to replace the ET1s we need to come ashore for LET course to replace the LETs at sea to come ashore for POET course. To grow POETs and LETs takes time, even with the addition of the fast track scheme it is still a lengthy process and we will struggle to maintain a sustainable branch.

This is where the ETS comes in - it is a scheme whereby it will take those ET2s who can't get to sea to advance to ET1 because there is no space onboard our ships for them. The ETS will take ETs, under the supervision of suitable supervisory (not training) staff to sea in platforms which are designated adaptive force or low utility or whatever this week's term is. These ships will have the space available but not necessarily the ship's staff to mentor the ET2s. ET2s in the ETS will therefore be taken to sea where previously they may have had to wait lengthy periods. The ETS will mentor them and drive them through their career development journals, operating certificates, safety checks etc to quickly produce ET1s who can then go into complement ET1 billets as reliefs for those to go on LET course.

In summary , it is a scheme to remove the bottleneck which exists between Phase 2 training and employment at sea. It's an opportunity for the OPs son to progress rather than sit around Nelson or Drake in the chaplaincy or handing out squash rackets in the gym. Employment in ETS does not indicate that an ET needs "additional training"

As for the name - I don't think it should contain training - the ETs who graduate from the new ET2 courses (ME already WE when they start in Sept) are fully trained unlike their predecessors who needed OJT to reach OPS. It is not training it is qualifying for the next rate in an environment which should allow this to be achieved faster.

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