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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MoMorris, Sep 25, 2015.

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  1. Just a little curious on this.
    Im in Phase 2 studying the new Faraday course. Its similar to the old WE course only its more individual work. What are peoples opinion, who are currently or ex serving, on AB's potentially hitting that fast tracked scheme as quick as people are expecting? All i keep hearing is that we are modern day tiffs. Im expecting people arent happy with the prospect and i do kind of agree.

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  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Much the same as the Artificer and the more recent Engineering Technician branches, those now reaching the required high standard for fast-track tend to be in the minority (about 5%) of entrants. Those who are good enough are selected. People who aren't good enough aren't selected and naturally get the hump.

    Years ago I was a fast track ME, it was called Specially Selected. I completed a condensed qualifying course which meant I was passed for Killick on completion. Within two years from joining, I was advanced to killick. Lots of people objected, particularly the duffers who had been in 12 years or more and hadn't bothered there arse to qualify for promotion.

    Bottom line - if you are smart enough & want to virtually double your wages in a few short years - go for it.
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  3. End of the day, if you work hard and prove yourself then you deserve everything that comes your way. You will always have the moaners who say its wrong but only as previously mentioned, they either havent bothered their arses to do the courses required or simply dont meet the grade. I am currently on the final stages of transferring to the Navy from the REME and we have people moaning about the same things.

    Look after number one, sod what everyone else thinks, plus the faster you promote with the new pension scheme the bigger your eventual pot will be.
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  4. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Hey Mo,

    I'm currently a WE and selected for fast-track promotion on the interim selection board. Just to give you an idea I left phase 2 and joined a ship where I was selected after being onboard 6 months then a further 6 months later I am now on LETs course.

    I would recommend working hard to get selected and completing your task book as quickly as possible once joining a ship.

    Can't speak for those on submarines tho!

    Good luck, any questions don't hesitate to contact me.
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  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Good effort, well done & good luck on the course.

    For those who make the right career choice, the world's your lobster.
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  6. I will be asking you alot! Dont worry!
    If your on your LET course then am i right in thinking you are currently in Collingwood? Theres alot of AB's on their course wondering about here
  7. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Yes that's correct.

    With the current need for promotion within the WE branch there are a lot of courses going through and they are much fought over. Not to say quick promotion and success can't be achieved by the means of a little hard work.
  8. In that case, if your free tonight around 21:00 ill buy you a pint in the bar! Would be amazing to have a chat about the course, life at sea as a junior WE and also the course for LET!
  9. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    As much as I wouldn't like to say no to free beer I have quite a busy week ahead but I'm happy to answer any specific questions you have over this site.
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  10. OMG the world is doomed, a WE passing up the offer of free beer because they are busy...... I can only hope that the busyness is due to pillow time. What is the world coming too, never in my time. :);)
    Tongue out of cheek all the best to both of you.
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  11. Are there the same opportunities for cis now its in the we branch?! Currently in the app process and deciding between cis and we- trying to research differences but a lot of the info is from before the change!!! Good luck both of you
  12. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    Yes there are, slight delay on the CIS courses at the minute as they have to do a conversion course.

    I would say go WE as you can always have the option to stream Comms (CIS) as well as a choice of the other WE streams (Weapons and Sensors).
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  13. Thank you!! Have my rt next month so fingers crossed i will get a high enough score!
  14. Did you starch your 8's and wear a red tape on left upper arm whilst waiting at Raleigh to grow a full class to go to Sultan ?.

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