engineering technician


There is currently no waiting time for Engineering Technician on Submarines, either Marine or Weapons. You can expect to be processed in roughly three months.
As an ex Greenie on boats, what is an Engineering Technician these days?
Is it a Tiff, a Mechanician or an Mechanic.
ie in my day (swing that lamp)
we had Electrical and Radio Electrical Artificers, Electrical and Radio Electrical Mechanicians and Electrical and Radio Electrical Mechanics.
All these rates I guess no longer exist is that right?
Question two What happened to Weapon Elctrical Mechanics (Ordanance and Radio)?
Question three what happened to OM (Operator Maintainers??)

Tiffs are on their way out, no able to join as one. Basically all engineers now join as a ET (??), Engineering technicians join as a basic engineer in whatever speicalisation (ME, WE, SM and Air) and doing the initial training, they then go off to sea/Shore and work their way up through promotion, at PO level they get the foundation degree that the old tiff would have had. We have brought back the pyramid structured needed for promotion and leadership. It really gives everyone the chance if they stay in the RN long enough. It appears to be working and most guys appear to be reasonably happy with it.



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