Engineering Technician (Marine Engineer) Help?


I have my interview for an Engineering technician in a weeks time, anybody here be able to tell me all of the roles that an Engineering technician does? It seems like the Royal Navy website only gives a few examples of the roles?


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Even if you'd said which engineering technician you wish to become - do you even know? - expecting a bespoke answer is a bit much. Put 'engineering technician' into the site search engine and knock yourself out.


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Try ETME in the Google Custom Search function, top right!

This, and probably all other questions you have as a potential RN rating, will have been asked at some point in the past.


Duties will involve watch keeping in the silent hours on machinery in harbour and at sea. At sea you will be making copious amounts of tea for chiefs and POs until it is perfect. Other duties of an ETME are stating behind working while all the passengers go ashore, firefighting because although everyone is trained to do it, apparently we are the only ones who do it right, and finally scrubbing out, if it's horizontal, you will clean it.
There is a bunch of other stuff I could tell you about domestics, gas turbines, refrigeration, Diesel engines etc, but if you can't be bothered to google it then just stick to scrubbing out

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