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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by MrF, Jun 26, 2015.

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  1. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    I'm looking for advice.
    I just passed my RT (wasn't told score) but apparently I'm eligible for any fleet engineering role. On my application I originally put down AET but after reading some threads here, my main concern about this role is lack of ship time. My objective is to get into a technical role that affords a decent amount of ship time AND would also serve me when I finally leave the service. I think one of the problems is that although I'm originally from England, I'm joining from Ireland through Belfast and haven't been able to discuss this with a careers officer.
    I'd be grateful for any advice.
  2. Lots of sea time + transferable skills = ET(ME)
  3. Or get the sea time and transferable skills without spending your career watch keeping =ET(WE). ;)
  4. Or enter Gods chosen Branch of the RN the Fleet Air Arm as an AET and live the life of Riley with excellent transferable skills on your return to civilian life.:D:D:D
    Of course you have to have a thick skin to be able to take the jealous snips from those lesser ratings in general service. Stand fast the Submariners.:)
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  5. Come on Slim, he said he wanted sea time, I know you WAFUs are deluded but thought you could read........
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  6. Become a stoker! Sea time is guaranteed! Watch keep until your a chief, join a ship that's 20 years old just coming out of a refit in a worse material state than when it went in. You get shafted by more and more outside authorities but you get the chance to work on stuff that's thirty years out of date and getting harder and harder to maintain and harder to get stores and spares for.

    You do have some epic times though - and the Faraday fast track scheme is very attractive for young lads wanting to be a PO in six or seven years...
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  7. But RabC he aint in yet, wait until he is and then once he has done loads of sea time he will see the errors of his ways. sea time in the modern RN cannot be the same as in the old Andrew, I mean how many places do they get to visit in these modern times?
    No Wafu is the way of the wise ;):confused::D
  8. "No Wafu" was the state of bliss we enjoyed for a while when the Lynx was grounded throughout the fleet for a while a few years ago :p:D
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  9. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    Thanks lads your comments are appreciated.
    Just on the AET, is there any other academic entrance exams for the AET other than the RT exam I've just done? I've been told getting into AET is difficult but like I said, I was told yesterday my score met the criteria. Is that it?
    And does anybody have an up to date and hopefully accurate idea of the waiting time for each engineering branch, the career's officer I spoke to said AET would take the longest.
  10. When a man is young and single then a life of sea time is very appealing. However when he falls for a pretty girl and starts a family the life of a Wafu has it's benefits. Pretty sure that with a young family had I not been a Wafu I would not have signed on to complete my 22, I would have missed my kids growing up.
  11. If i could do it all again. WAFU would have been my choice.
  12. No other entrance exams regarding maths tests etc, until after phase 1 at Raleigh when you reach phase 2 at sultan where you would start to learn all the technical stuff. The only tests you'll do from now would be fitness test and PRNC.
  13. MrF

    MrF Midshipman

    Thanks gents, I've decided to go for AET. Just hope the wait isn't as long as I've been led to believe.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's about 10-12 months test to entry. If you want to serve predominantly on ships AET is NOT the branch to pick.
  15. Roughly how many years would it take for an AET to get an opportunity to get drafted onto a ship ?
  16. Just found a thread explaining it, oops
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, it depends on where you are drafted. You could feasibly be drafted to an Air Engineering Department on a carrier but will more than likely be drafted to a squadron. When/if the aircraft join a ship, so will you, but it could be a few years after you join.
  18. Once you have experienced a small ships flight you may not be so keen to go to a ship.
    On aircraft carriers a squadron is normally split into 3 watches, so you work fairly standard hours, this is great, plenty of clicky bed time.;)
    However on a Small Ships Flight there are only 9 members, two of which are the aircrew and they only fly and break the beast. As the skipper loves to use the Helo as much as possible the maintainers can and often do work 14 or more hours a day, cos there aint another watch to relieve them.:(
    My advice try to keep away from small ships and stick to the luxury of Squadron life.:p
  19. Carrier squadrons work 8 or 10 about normally, and go Partial CAG during excercises, so remain sleeping soundly while all hell breaks loose around them.

    Small ships flights are basically fisheads who act all Fleet Air Arm when it suits them :)
  20. Of course, if you change your mind and go for WE and serve on Frigates or Destroyers there's a possibility of working with the ship's flight anyway as the Air Weapons and Hangar Services maitainer. You'll also get the joy of looking after after the hangar and all their equipment when they're disembarked.

    If you're unlucky.

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