(engineering) - joining at 16

can you switch from sub to surface or vice-versa after joining?
Going surface to boats is easy, the other way round not so, and being homesick is not an illness, as has been said before, you can get homesick either way but on the surface fleet the chances are you'll be away for longer periods than on boats.


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Must admit I've never heard homesickness described as an illness before. I guess it could be classed as a mental health issue if someone was profoundly affected by separation from their loved ones.
If you want to be able to communicate with home/friends/loved ones more often than not, then surface fleet all ther way.

if you are not bothered (may not know until you try) then go for the extra pay the SM service brings.

NB. As it stands, if you join up as a submariner, that is pretty much you set in that world (bar few exceptions).

If you join up for the surface world, complete training etc and later on volunteer for SM service, you have much more flexibility to return to the surface fleet after 5 years as a qualified submariner.

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