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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by snapdragon, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi all. The guy at the AFCO said i should get a Haynes Manual and "pimp the car" to see if i like the kind of thing that stokers do... i think he mostly thought i wouldn't like getting greasy :roll: So, i have one, but are there any other books for total novices at this kind of thing? Any website recommendations i'd be grateful for too. You know, like Engines For Total Idiots or something.
  2. If you can wait until tonight I shall ask the PO Stoker, although I can tell you that he loves tinkering with anything vaguely technical - computers, electrics, mechanics, plumbing etc. Are you that way inclined?
  3. Yes, that'd be great, thanks! Yep, i do like having a tinker. The only reason i haven't taken the car apart is because i wouldn't be able to put it back together again and i need it. I always wanted to be a car mechanic until i was about 15, when i wanted to be a car mechanic and in the Navy :)
    I like computers, have minimal electronic skills (GCSE electronics: grade E!) and haven't really had opportunity to try anything with mechanics other than titting around with Mechano 'til i was too old to. I applied for a plumbing course once :)
    Basically, i am very interested in this trade but know nothing about the kind of things i'd have to do. I want to show that i can do the job and not be at a huge disadvantage if i do get the opportunity to do it.
  4. Drink lots of beer, eat lots of pizza and hump ugly old birds and you will be fully qualified to be a stoker.
    Oh yeah, and maybe some gash tatoos as well.........
  5. You will also need rank Epaulettes with Velcro, because you will be busted on a regular basis!
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Years ago, when I made the dizzy heights of LRO(T) and a mate reached CY about the same time we went out for a few lemonades to celebrate; his Dad (ex-RN WW2 submariner) commented "I bet I made PO and Killick more times than both of you put together!" :)
  7. JMEM(M) - MEM(M) - LMEM(M) - PO MEM(M)- DQ's - MEM(M) - LMEM(M) - PO MEM(M) DQ's -MEM(M)

    Actual career of a stoker on Brilliant....not on the same ship obviously it took him several drafts....class act tho!
  8. What a lad! But I think you may be putting off the potential stoker! You should explain that it is not mandatory to go to DQs and then lose your rate!
  9. True and i'm sure he's not a thieving git either!
  10. OK then! both times? he was lucky to stay in then!
  11. I think he eventually SNLR'd...looked a bit like Elvis or Jumping Jimmy Thunder!
  12. Snapdragon, have spoken to the PO Stoker and he is a bit grumpy this evening on account of the new kitten. However he did say that he was taught all that he needed at Sultan, along with cleaning and polishing and marching blah blah. However, I think you cannot go far wrong if you enjoy finding out how things work, taking them apart, putting them back together again etc. Although I understand it is generally a stoker's job onboard to deal with the sewerage system, so having a strong stomach helps.
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for all your, er, helpful comments! I have the beer drinking thing sorted (CAMRA member! Mostly for the free beer festivals rather than the informative newspapers). As for shagging ugly birds... i
    wouldn't shag a pretty one, i'm a lass!

    Thanks roasinacarley! I won't ask about this kitten... It's good to know i'd be taught all i need to know. I am making an effort to learn bits and bobs here and there now. I do have a strong stomach- i used to work in a hospital sterile services environment. Which means i had to clean, pack and sterilise surgical instruments. And obviously they always used to be covered in blood, and often, poo. Mmm. And theatres always used to send amputated limbs to us too. For some reason.
  14. Also I am told your careers officer will be impressed if you remember suck, squeeze, bang, blow! I think it might be a technical stoker thing, but on the other hand it might be something rude!
  15. It could well be! I'm intrigued! I think i'll opt not to say it :wink:

  16. I knew a Killick Wafoo who spent weeks chanting that mantra.....something to do with an exam to be a PO Wafoo.....i thought it might have been him memorising his lurv making technique!
  17. I think it is the thing with engines. I certainly works in cars! I dare not ask the PO Stoker the kitten is a bit mewy tonight and it is hacking him off!
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    They describe the sequence of a four stroke engine over a period of 720 degrees of crankshaft revolution.

    - In the first half-rev a cylinder on its down stroke will be in the induction phase (suck) during which the fuel-air mix is drawn into the combustion chamber;

    - In the next half rev it will be the compression phase (squeeze) during which the inlet valves are closed allowing the rising piston to compress the fuel-air mix;

    - The third half-rev is the combustion phase (bang) whereby the fuel-air mix detonates generating force to move the piston down the cylinder (which in turn is converted to rotational energy in the crank-shaft);

    - The final half-rev is the exhaust phase (blow) where the exhaust valves open and allow the rising piston to eject the combustion products (carbon mononxide, carbon dioxide, unburnt hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, sulphuric acid, etc) into the exhaust system.

    Simple really and no smut involved at all (unless your engine is set up wrongly). :)
  19. there's always one smart arse!
  20. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not really, I spent a number of years working on engine control systems in the British car industry before it was sold off to the highest bidder and went kaput.

    Incidentally, British engineering has almost followed the four stroke cycle, its been sucked dry, squeezed by the taxman until its pips have squeaked, and has since gone bang and been blown out by the overseas accountants now in charge! Not that I'm a bitter ex-pat you understand... :)

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