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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by skoot1984, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Just noticed that the navy are advertising a golden hello of £12000 for new engineer officers. This wasn't mentioned when I was applying so I was wondering if anyone who has been to the careers office recently can explain to me who is eligible for this.
  2. Safeguard?

  3. True. The RN is so short of direct entry engineers that they are offering to pay their student debts. There is a snippet on the RN web site and it's included in the latest recruiting stuff.

    UYs and SUYs are not eligible however! :wink:
  4. Are current students who have a reserved place eligible?
  5. Dunno about that - you'll have to contact DNR. I suggest getting in touch with the AIB.
  6. I understand the need to effectively bribe the talent to join up but would be interested to know exactly what the terms and conditions for being eligible for this bonus are.

    I assume they have to sign on for a reasonable period and repay it if they don't go the distance ... ?
  7. Yes, I believe there's a return of service - at least 3 years. Should be a lot more though.
  9. Did you seriously just dig up a thread from 3 years ago?
  10. Thats what you get for me using the search facility

    Although must admit wasn't quite looking at the post dates when i replied. Thought it sounded weird!

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