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Discussion in 'The Afterlife - Resettlement and Jobs' started by chieftiff, May 25, 2008.

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  1. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'm currently managing several projects in the Engineering Construction Industry sector, one of those projects is indirectly involved in recruiting within this sector. At a meeting last week I was chatting to a very senior guy from a company based in the Portsmouth area, after mentioning the fact I had recently left the mob he told me a story which made me sit back and wonder .........why?

    This company recently attended a recruitment fair in Portsmouth along with several others from the industry, they were disappointed not to have attracted any ex RN interest (I believe this was a CTP organised fair) and he explained how people had strolled past their stand and headed straight for the companies more associated with defence (you know who I mean) He explained that they put great value on the work ethos of ex-servicemen and he was honestly disappointed not to have attracted any serious interest, the few people he did speak to had little knowledge of the UK EC industry and I feel this may be part of the problem. Others at the meeting explained that they had tried to employ ex-servicemen with little success.

    Initially I thought they were perhaps aiming their pitch at the wrong target but today just out of interest I had a peek at a similar companies job site and the sort of jobs he mentioned to me are all advertised. These are jobs for ex SNCO stokers and woo's as far as I can see, here's an example that I reckon would suit an ex-CPO Tiff:

    Competency Engineering
    Site Location Solent
    Experience 5+ years
    Apply by 30 May 2008

    Job description Machinery Engineer
    Roles & Responsibilities
    Provision of technical expertise to project teams to ensure technical adequacy of machinery equipment
    As lead engineer, control costs and time within defined budgets and programmes

    Job requirements Qualifications,Skills & Experience
    Minimum 5 years of relevant experience with an engineering consultant, contractor, operating company or manufacturer
    Sound knowledge of rotating equipment, mechanical seals, packages, etc.
    For senior engineer, must have experience in a leading role and must be able to liaise with engineers of all disciplines
    Knowledge of international standards, e.g. API
    Knowledge of ISO9001:2000 Quality procedures
    Familiar with European Safety Directives

    Other Matters
    Mobility required for Business trips across Europe and internationally and occasional short term assignments.

    This is a big company with good pay, conditions, training etc, This industry doesn't set it's pay on the basis that you have a service pension. in fact they probably don't even understand the service pension scheme in all honesty; having no direct connection with defence, managers get a managers salary and perks and rightly so.

    So........ why? I have my own idea's but want a more involved opinion.

    Is it because this is a sector that we aren't familiar with in the RN? Is it because we see certain companies as "bankers" or is it just the way the jobs are advertised that scares people off (translating civvy to service speak etc)

    I am genuinely interested to hear from anyone with an opinion, especially someone who was at the job fair in Portsmouth Guild Hall, I do admit to having a vested interest because this will form part of my communication strategy for this particular project . (which isn't related to the job I pulled up, I pulled that up at random)
  2. shippers - i'll take it.

    right then - i leave in 2022 (just taken 2OE) however as my children will finish with the BSA about 2020 i am prepared to leave then.

    can you email me confirmation that they are prepared to wait for me etc etc blah blah
  3. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Unfortunately mate you aren't suitable, the job mentions "expertise" and not in propping up the bar! I think the Job pays a little less than your pay and your BSA though so worth a thought maybe?

    Seriously though I'm not touting the job or the company, just interested in what is discouraging people from the industry.
  4. I’m not a technical person as you can see from my avatar, but I went to a CTP sponsored job fair the other month in Plymouth. My CTP advisor pointed me in the direction of several companies who were looking to fill places in the career I am after. Great thought I, along I went and filled in all the information forms they handed to me and gave them my CTP approved CV, which they duly read and with lots of smiles ashored me that I was just what their various companies were looking for. Off I went home looking forward to lots of interview letters landing on my door step, several weeks later still haven’t heard a thing from any of them. I have since got a couple of interviews by putting my CV on the internet. If anyone asks me if it’s worth going to the job fairs I still say it is but don’t bank on getting any replies from the companies there.
  5. the cheek of you - ive was penning flex-ops (sorry asset activities) for years and nothing ever crashed.

    thank god i'm in a desk job now. no aircraft to crash but loads of lads careers to cock up

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