Engineering Cadetship Fitness/Basic Training

Discussion in 'RFA' started by scoobywrx, Jan 12, 2012.

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  1. Is there any sort of basic training that has to be carried out like Raleigh for example.If so is the training as tough,physically demanding as Raleigh ?
  2. Don't honestly know but try this link

    Life as a Cadet | Royal Navy

    or ring the RFA office on
    Life in the Royal Fleet Auxiliary - Call 08456 04 05 20

    hope this helps

  3. Yes,helpful.Thanks.
  4. They send you to BRNC for 7 weeks but you don't have to pass RNFT. Basic RFA medical standard is the Merchant ENG1 and there is no separate fitness requirement.
  5. As said you don't have to pass the RNFT but you will have to do remedial training (Thursday and Sunday's) which is the 2.4k run over and over again if you can't pass it.

    You will also do PT sessions that aims to get you up to a standard to do ABLE because as of the may intake the RFA cadets will do ABLE alongside the RN NE. You will need to pass ABLE or you will only get a certificate of attendance (failing a fitness test would mean a second class pass)

    In other words get as fit as you can to get the most out of BRNC but you don't have to if you don't want to!
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  6. Didn't they start out doing that, but it got dropped?

    I haven't seen any RFA cadets waving shiny BRNC certificates around, didn't even know they got one!
  7. Yep a nice certificate given to the cadets before the passing out parade by the RFA commodore, first class pass, second class pass or certificate of attendance. The latter ment that you would not take part in the passing out parade.

    The cadets have been doing COLDA which is like BLD on the college grounds but because the BRNC term times are changing, the start dates of the RFA cadets means they will arrive in time to do ABLE.

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