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Hi all, can anybody help me out, I'm an ex RN Submariner and I was looking at applying for the RFA as an Engineering Apprentice, is this the old motorman branch? And also is it true that there is a shortage of them?
Thanks in advance.
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There is indeed a shortage. Go for it.

I have my interview tomorrow, for Catering Assistant Chef. I'm an ex-stoker too, but I know they are looking for Stewards.

BTW, I applied beginning of Feb, and had the psychometric test on the 27th of March.
I'm an ex-killick tiff(me) and I was told I couldn't apply as an engineering apprentice, so it mite b worth u having a look at some of the other careers the RFA have incase u have the same problem (fyi I've applied for chef apprentice)
As far as I am aware of the ship is in UK waters then u wud join her in a UK port, since most RFA ships are deployed abroad then u wud fly out and meet her where ever she may be, just like the RN


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Cheers, it will be strange to go back to a naval base under training lol I take it the RFA are left alone with regards to night rounds and all the other bollocks that came with the mob!
I have no idea about that, but from what I know and been told it's a much more relaxed environment compared to the mob, if there is night rounds I wud guess it wud be more of an informal walk around just to make sure areas are clean and tidy


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Wow they must be short, I checked my emails and I had one from the RFA saying that they want me to go for test at careers office, somebody will be in touch with date for test!!
Your on ur way then, the test is the same one u did b4 ur joined the mob so should be no prob 4u, then after that is waiting 2c if u get a interview

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