engineering apprentice september 2016

Discussion in 'RFA' started by Zimmer, Apr 18, 2016.

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  1. so after my security clearance not being complete in time for the february 2016 course. i am now going in on the september course.

    whos on pencilled in and where you guys from

    Craig - aka zimmer
    32 from dunfermline
  2. Hey I'm September as well but going for stewed apprentice ;)

    Names Kerry, 22 from Leven, Fife
  3. Nice one good luck am sure we'll cross paths at somepoint
  4. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you sure you are a 'Stewed Apprentice'....?
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  5. Am in gosport . And Joanna's is knocked down. Maybe Emma's if it's still open .
  6. If you have any burning questions about that course drop me a message and I will do my best to help and if I don't know I will ask your Divisional chief Jim or even the big boss first officer Dave
  7. The course I reckon I personally will be fine with as am sure it will be similar to the meicc from when I was in the royal navy. But am on the course great to here doc is now signed up for September to. Just good to get a few names on here for when we start. Good to know what goes on while on course and when done at sultan tho buddy
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Oh dear.
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  9. Reserve for September,

    18 Sol
    Dundee- Scotland
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  10. I'm in for September.
    Mark a.k.a sparkles
    30 from Ayrshire, Scotland.
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  11. So 4 weeks to go has all thats been provisionally accepted had the SC completed? And who is all 100% on the course?
  12. I sent my acceptance letter but haven't heard anything back!
    Should he there on the 26th
  13. You will get a letter soon, I got mine about 2 weeks before course started
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  14. Anyone else get an email this morning about the course?
    Anyone know if you get your travel tickets sent to you or just claim it back?
  15. What does it say on your letter?
  16. You can claim it back when you get down to sultan or you can phone the travel section the number will be on the joining instructions, I phoned them and they posted train ticket out to me
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  17. The email has loads of information about leave, maps how to act on base ect ect it also it does say all the best ways to get to the base for future reference and you'll not be out of pocket for getting to the training and returning but I don't know if I'll get tickets sent to me or I'll claim them back like

    Also has the sure names for the apprentices on the course
  18. Unlikely that they would just send the tickets to you through the post without mentioning it to you. Later in your career you will use your staff number and a budget code to sort your own tickets via the MOD's travel agent HRG. I am assuming at the moment that they will expect you to organise your own transport down and claim the costs back.

    However the golden rule in government life is don't spend any money you want to claim back until you have official permission. So I would suggest you call up an ask for clarification!
  19. Alright okay perfect! Cheers
  20. I contacted HRG before course and they sent me rail tickets to travel down with so I wasn't out of pocket

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