Engineering Apprentice Feb 2016 course

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There's a hearing test on the eng1, don't know if you've had it before but it's not pleasant.
You have headphones on and have to pick out the numbers a lady is saying with loud waves and water pouring in the back ground.
Have you sent your forms off yet?


Hearing test (and other things) are different at each ENG1 test establishment. The hearing test I had was a series of low and high pitch beeps played in each ear at very low volume and a button to press when and if you heard them. I could hear a lot of background noise (people walking in the corridor, etc..) as well as my own heart beat which was all very distracting. A friend of mine had his in a sound proof booth which I'm sure would help. I've read somewhere (possibly on this site) that an examining Doctor said to one patient that because he had heard all the questions asked with no trouble that he had passed the hearing test. Did you also have them examine inside your ears?
That sound proof room would have been nice. Yh he examined inside my ears, mouth checked my eyes. Then checked for kidney, stomach, liver and hernias etc plus he wanted to hear what my cough sounded like with his hand down my boxers lol.


i have had my provisional offer start 29th february

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