Engineer Tech Weapons waiting time?

Evening, gents/ladies:

Does anyone know the average wait for someone applying for E.T (Weapons) from applying online to getting into Raleigh?

I have an application with the Army at the moment for pretty much the same job as that's what I want to do. And to be honest I'm not sure the Army way of life is appealing to me as I've seen so many people wish they chose a different service instead, even my dad said he'd go Navy/RAF if given the second chance.

I've got my job choice down, it's what I really want to do, and the Navy life seems way more appealing to me compared to Army/RAF (ships are awesome). With the Army I'm looking at early 2016 at the moment apparently, just want a rough estimate really, I'm looking to do selection for both services, and decide from there. (No point in asking the whole "Army or Navy?" Question here haha)

Many thanks!
My lad took about 14 months but he was brought forward by 2 months after his pre joining training in Rosyth. So should have been about 16 months.
He joined last November.


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ET(WE) is about 8 months(ish) test to entry assuming there are no delays.

Beware going for the quick fix at this stage if intending to forge a 20 year career.
Thanks very much! The trade I've gone for is what I 100% want to do so the 8 month wait compared to the approx 2 year wait for the likes of Warfare Spec etc, is a great bonus!

Quick question, I have 5 GCSE's A*-C and a BTEC Lvl 3 Diploma in Creative media production, I've read on the website there's opportunities for a "fast track" once in trade training, is that in terms of promotion or just the 5 month course at HMS Sultan? (Reduced to say, 3 months due to Qualifications).
Search for links to Project Faraday.
It's not all there yet but in a nutshell it's a sneaky way of bring back the old apprenticeship but without the name.
And - before anyone else gets in - WE's go to HMS Collingwood for Phase 2 not Sultan.

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