Engineer or Seaman apprenticeship


Hello all,

I have applied twice for the Engineer Apprenticeship and unfortunately did not get an interview.

I wondered whether it would be worth making another application as the six months is up soon, or whether to give another branch a shot. I spent six years as a seaman in the RN when young so do you think a seaman apprentice application may be looked on more favourably? I am not sure I fancy being a chef or steward.

I realise it is ultimately up to me to apply for whatever I want but some other thought would be welcome, especially from anyone in the know or who has been in the same situation. I am getting on a bit and this is likely to be my last chance of getting to work at sea again.

Thanks in advance.


Lantern Swinger
When you say you're 'getting on a bit', it's worth remembering that the RFA recruits older people very regularly. I can't advise you on which apprenticeship to apply for but if it's engineering you want to do then it may be worth asking for feedback on your application and seeing what is letting you down. Best of luck with it.