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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mike007, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. I have been invited to the Poential Engineer Officer aquaint course, but dont really know what to expect, and what sort of things i will be doing, has any people been to this and shed some light on the situation or isit anothe question for Ninja.

    I would ring my OCLO but i recon i would get a more opinionated responce here.

  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Hiya Mike,

    I've only ever attended a ratings engineering acquaint rather than an Engineering Officers acquaint, so my answer can only be a best guess (I'm off this week, half-term & all that). Either way, any acquaint visit is a good thing to attend- it may well be you change your mind, but at least you will identify what you wish to achieve.

    The ratings engineering course entailed visits to he three phase two engineering training schools (Air & Marine at HMS Sultan, weapons at HMS Collingwood) and an insight into the job training, roles, aims, promotion structure, diversity of role within in each trade, future developments, the opportunity to talk with those still in training together with those trained at different levels of the rank & a bit of "hands-on" in each area to emphasise the individual area of expertise.

    The Engineering Officers' course may well include similar elements but as they tend to supervise those that do the "hands-on" I would imagine that you would visit an operational ship (alongside) to view each aspect onboard such as the Propulsion Plant & Auxiliary Machinery for Marine Engineers & the platform Weapons, Sensors & Communications for the Weapons Engineers including a brief overview of the relevant fitted aircraft operating capability of the ship you visit. Logically you would also visit a Submarine & hopefully visit a Naval Air Station for a first hand overview on the Fleet Air Arm in an operational capacity. (Possibly to achieve all the latter, operational aspects, the South West would be where your visit is centered).

    Possibly you may also get a chance to visit the Defence Technical undergraduates in training.

    Again, this is my best guestimate, your ACLO will doubtless furnish you with better detail.

    Good luck, it's an excellent opportunity to gain the insight first hand from the people that actually do the job, without feeling you are being "sold" the job by a recruiter.
  3. HI, i just recieved my joining instructions for the March course.

    The Programme Includes visits to all the training facilities for the various branches (Air, Weapon and Marine), engineroom simulators, HMS victory visit, duty ship visit (guess a destroyer or frigate) and other presentations.

    Dress is smart suit with Boots and overalls provided.

    You will be sleeping on HMS Bristol so your going to have to get used to dead lights and noisy aircon. (unless we get better acom than i got as a cadet? :w00t: )

    Lunches will be at the wardroom at Excelent although the instructions don't mention where the other meals will be.

    hope it helps

  4. Sounds great, more than i expected. It should give me a good benchmark for going into the AIB. Thanks again guys.

  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's interesting to see they include a cutting-edge visit to HMS Victory- "Hoist main engines".[​IMG]
  6. dont be afraid, take a risk, jump into the unknown. venture where no one has dared to venture before
  7. i have also been invited for the officer course , and i am tempted to go , when u say smart suit with boots, is tht just a suit shirt tie and blazer ect?
  8. Gang
    The visit will involve the following:
    Monday evening - arrive, get to HMS BRISTOL for accom allocation and then training presentation (ME) and dinner at HMS SULTAN. Back to Britol.
    Tuesday AM - visit SULTAN ME and AE schools. Lunch at Sultan.
    PM - Ship visit and HMS Victory tour.
    Tuesday evening - dinner in HMS Excellent wardroom.
    Wednesday - WE visit at HMS Collingwood.
    Wed PM - depart.

    Rig - minimum trollies, shirt, tie and blazer/sports jacket.
    You will accompanied by an engineer ACLO.

    You may well ask how I know all this.......
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You're a guide on the Victory?
  10. Is it only potential Engineering Officers that have an aquaint course to attend or is this a regular thing for each officer branch?

    At what stage of the application do PO's attend the aquaint courses?
  11. Ninja
    Not yet.........
  12. When i was there i saw a leadership course to help people to pass their AIB (after faling first time i believe) and was told about warfare and loggies having similer courses. Though i guess all the branches will have one.

    I did mine before my AIB but after my interview with the ACLO. However there were guys on mine who had attempted the course before, not done any applications and one bloke who had passed his AIB and was due to start dartmouth in a few months!

    Damn good time a realy recomend it!

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