Engineer Officer 29 or 30??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by NAVY5, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Just a quick question if anyone is online at the moment, on this sunny afternoon!!

    Is marine engineer officer cut off age now 29 instead of 30? In the career handbook it states 30 and I am sure it used to say 30 on the RN website, however it clearly says 29 now. Its pretty crucial for me as I will be finishing my degree at 29 and 5 months so will only have 1 shot at a BRNC intake!!

    I will speak to my ACLO tomorrow but just wondered if anyone on here knew one way or the other. From the obvious facts it looks like 29, which is really bad news!!

    Many Thanks
  2. "Engineer Officers (AE, ME, WE) ​
    Must be under the age of 30 on the first day of the month of entry to BRNC. Exceptionally, entrants up to the age of 34 may be accepted into Service provided they have gained relevant industrial engineering experience that would enhance their Naval engineering skills."
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  3. Hi Soleil, thats what I thought!! Probably just had too much sun to the head today and saw this:

    [h=5]YOU SHOULD HAVE THE FOLLOWING QUALIFICATIONS[/h]-A degree in an engineering or physics-based subject. 180 UCAS points and five GCSEs (A* to C) or Scottish Standard grades or equivalent, which must include English and Maths.
    You must be aged between 17 and 29

    Obviously must mean 29 and upto day of 30th. Panic over!

  4. By the way, intakes at BRNC are now February, May, September and November.

    How much progress have you made with your application so far?

    When do you graduate?

    Edit (I should have flicked back through your previous posts .....).

    Do you leave Uni in a couple of years' time?
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  5. I originally applied for ETME due to my lack of higher education academic qualifications. However I have spoken to a few universities and I've been able to join as a second year degree student this september, due to my prior learning and experience. So I have 2 years to complete my degree and gain 3 A levels. This will leave me graduating at 29 & 6 months, hopefully with an AIB already passed!

    I have taken my RT test and all I know is that my score was "over 110"

    Its going to be a difficult couple of years but Iam so relived and energised by the fact that Ive at least got the opportunity for officer. Who would have thought that 30 would be "over the hill" :)
  6. Gosh, that will be some achievement if you can pull it off.

    Which subject have you chosen to read and which A Levels are you taking?
  7. Mechanical Engineering BENG and Economics, Maths and citizenship at A level (yes citizenship is a real A level!! LOL)

    It will be difficult but worth it. I am just concerned about doing all this work including passing AIB with a good score, and then no place being available for any reason at Dartmouth until 2014 which will take me past my 30th birthday in december! Nightmare situation but thats just a risk I will have to take.

    Soleil, do you have experience with officer recruitment? How much of a negative impact do you feel my age will be when it comes to the admiralty assigning places at BRNC? I can appreciate the point of view that If a 23 has the same qualifications and AIB score than they may get selected first. Do you feel if it is a significant issue or a small concern in relation to the other aspects of candidate selection??
  8. Don't worry about your age Navy5, I'm in a similar situation as you just a bit further on, I'm turning 30 this year and am graduating in July and starting BRNC in September. I think my age actually helped getting a good score at AIB.
  9. I'll put the standard comment I always do here - your age will significantly limit your long term potential in the RN. Entry to the highest ranks (i.e. Capt RN and above) is predicated on a joining age of 21 - 22. It may make little or no difference to your choice or career within the RN, but it's something that should be explained to you. Just so you know.
  10. Ratcatcher, thats a reassuring post, thanks. Which branch have you chosen by the way??
  11. Marine Engineer Officer, just finished my BEng Mech Eng
  12. Were you encouraged to take WEO at all? I believe that is the shortlisted trade now.
  13. I wasn't encouraged really, I was asked why I picked ME over WE and was told that if my main aim was 'getting in' then if I wasn't picked by September (the main ME intake I think) then I should seriously consider asking for Weapons. Are you thinking about WEO?
  14. No I want to be accepted as a MEO. It holds in my opinion, a more appealing and rewarding career path. My ACLO mentioned that WEO is in demand more than MEO. If it came down to WEO or nothing I would take the happily take the position, as its still a great career path, but it's certainly MEO until I am told other wise!!

    Good luck with September by the way! Hope it goes it well, are you SM or GS?
  15. Goodluck with your application and degree, send me a PM if you have any questions on either and I'll try to help as best I can. I'm going for GS but haven't ruled out SM.
  16. Thanks for the offer, I am sure I will be pestering you with a couple of questions in future!! I will do SM at some point I am sure, but will probably start in GS, providing I get selected of course. Roll on 2014!!!!
  17. Are you going to a Uni with a URNU, NAVY5?
  18. I will hopefully be joining my local URNU this september hopefully, fingers crossed!!!
  19. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd rethink, IMHO. The WEOs role and the general role of WE in the Navy is going to see a radical increase. MEOs will come and go, nothing that spectacular is going to happen in the world of marine propulsion and sewage in the next 15 years for the RN.

    Just a thought....

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