Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dunjamon, May 28, 2007.

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  1. Information Systems Officer

    After a few years of thought and deliberation I have decided to leave my job working as a network security engineer for a major bank and have decided to follow pretty much every other male in my family into the forces. It's something I've wanted to do at 16 and still want to do it at 24 so I've decided to enlist. After talking to my local careers office they've made the IS Officer role seem more like a teaching/project management based role than an practical role. Does anyone have any idea what it's actually like as I would like to put my skills to the best possible use. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Re: Information Systems Officer

    You must be a graduate with a computing-related degree to become an IS officer.

    IS officers work in the Weapons Engineering dept and are also trained as WEOs. Hence the designation WE(IS). Your degree is taken as your training for the IS role and there are about 40 IS jobs as a Lt available. If not doing such a job you are doing something in weapons engineering, potentially becoming a ship's deputy WEO or WEO.

    You are right however, you will be managing a team of ET(WE) ratings, rather than doing hands-on work yourself.
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Information Systems Officer

    Which is true of all engineering officers - a lot of Engineering Graduates think they will be wielding a spanner or a screwdriver- highly unlikely as you're in charge of those that do day-to day engineering.
  4. Re: Information Systems Officer

    This is the same in Civvy street.. Engineers are generally project managers and rarely get their hands dirty. It’s the Technicians that wield the tools.

    Most people study Engineering at University thinking that once they graduate they will get the chance to make/create/fix stuff and get fairly disappointed when they are told to go and stare at spreadsheets and create powerpoint presentations.

    I take it from your comments that you don’t see leading / managing a team as putting your skills to the best possible use? you could always apply as a rating!
  5. Re: Information Systems Officer

    I was looking at applying as a rating but with a 1st in Computer Science with Maths I feel that my uni days may have been a waste, and the mountain of debt that created. Wouldn't mind managing teams as I do that at the moment but my current role as unfufilling as it is gives me the chance to get my hands dirty (well as dirty as they can get cracking corporate systems). Would there be any chance of getting my hands dirty? If not I think I'll go the ratings route.

    Thanks for the advice it's greatly appreciated.
  6. Re: Information Systems Officer

    Have a read of this thread...

    I left the mob 10 years ago as an RO (CIS these days), went to uni (IS degree) and have been working as a Mainframe System Manager ever since; had I known about this earlier (now too old - just) I would've jumped at the opportunity.

    The further you get up the ladder the less hands on you are anyway, whether in the RN or on civvy street. I would assume that there are only very few sea drafts and most are shoreside, so this would be my only reservation - what is the point in joining the andrew and not going to sea?
  7. Re: Information Systems Officer

    Why not ask your ACLO for a ship visit, or to go on the Engineers' acquaint course (which includes a ship visit). You'll meet serving IS officers so you can get whatever info you're after "from the horse's mouth". That way you could find out whether the job they describe to you is what you are after.

    Entirely out of interest, where did you read your computer science degree? (I'm studying that just now.)
  8. Re: Information Systems Officer

    I'll certainly ask about going on a ship visit or acquaintance course to give me an idea of what I'd be doing. I did my degree at UMIST (well it was UMIST when I started and Manchester Uni when I left). What year of your degree are you in at the moment?
  9. Re: Information Systems Officer

    Dunjamon you have a PM.
  10. Re: Information Systems Officer

    As a system engineer instructor, I frequently train IS Officers to go to sea on larger ships as System Engineering Officers, leading to future WEOs jobs (i have 2 on course as we speak). There are 5 IS LTs jobs at sea on 5 ships. From expereince I would say you do slightly more hands on than the average Engineering officer as you are the only one with the qualifications in a lot of cases, system manager roles usually. The IS area is one of the few Engineering disciplines not in decline, so good prospects i would suggest. If only i had taken more notice at school.
  11. Re: Information Systems Officer

    I can recommend going on the Engineering Acquaint, its a very good opportunity to get a few dits from Guys who are actually of the E(IS) branch, rather than a lot hearsay that you might get from the Careers Office (mine had heard of the Branch, but didn't have a clue what it did).
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Information Systems Officer

    A good call by Random, it is a 'relatively' new & small branch, which is still establishing itself with regard a typical career pattern- therefore difficult for someone without first hand knowledge to advise accurately. A friend of mine joined this trade & he thoroughly enjoys it as (contrary to what I posted earlier in this thread) it is one of the few engineering jobs that you actually do get to do some "hands on".
  13. Re: Information Systems Officer

    I filled the forms in today, seems like something I'd love to do. Just gotta wait until April to start. Luckily one of the staff members in my local careers office went down the same path so he was able to explain what I'd be doing.
  14. Engineer (IS) Officer

    Hi guys, just like to introduce myself. I'm 21, currently studying for a degree in Computer Programming with an emphasis on Games programming, im coming to the end of my 2nd year of study and i've been thinking for quite some time now, of joining as an Engineer (Information Systems) Officer as i assume my skills with computers gained from my degree and A-Level studies would be put to practical use (perhaps not the Programming side of things, but my thorough knowledge of Computers in General).

    I've also heard that you can study for a MsC in Informtion Tech whilst serving, Is this true?

    Are there any E(IS) Officers registered here that can tell me what the role is like and perhaps give me an example of an average day in the life of an E(IS) Officer.

    I've not yet been to the AFCO, im planning to go in next week, is it possible to just drop in for a quick chat or do i need to set up a formal appointment so that i can speak to someone about this role?

    However, i'm a little worried about joining as a Graduate as i have no military experience whatsoever and the thought of giving out orders to people that have served for a lot longer than i have who have more military experience than me just seems a little unfair. Is there anyone on here that joined under direct graduate entry with little to no past military experience? What was it like?

    I'm really sorry for so many questions, but the PDF and Royal Navy website only answer so many questions, can't wait to speak to a Careers advisor! :D


    (Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section)
  15. Re: Engineer (IS) Officer


    There's at least one. You can use the search function at the top to look for threads on this - there are quite a few.

    You can do either. I went down the route of registering my interest on the navy website and they set up the chat for me. The benefit of doing this is that you will get speak directly to the officer in charge of officer selection at your AFCO rather than a rating. If you just want a bit more info though, you could be just as well going in to see anyone at the AFCO and letting them set up the interview later.

    No issue with this at all, everyone has to start their military career somewhere. You are not going to be told to command on your first day of training!
  16. Re: Engineer (IS) Officer

    Sent you a PM since I'm on the same route and have went through the very early stages atm. Also, congrats for sticking with computing for years: Absolute brain mincer :(
  17. Re: Engineer (IS) Officer

    You can pretty much go any time/ but i just phoned up in advance. Dont worry about not having any military skills. Im a ex marine and i had no idea how to use a weapon or do absailing etc. They will teach you everything you need to know. All you need is common sense and a basic level of fitness. All though the standard in the military of people passing out nowadays dont even have these.
  18. Re: Engineer (IS) Officer

    Cool, i'll drop by after Uni tomorrow for a quick chat. Are there any specific questions i should be asking the careers advisor (other than the obvious)?

    Thats good, i train at the Gym 5 days a week, mostly weight training though so i imagine i'll need to increase cardio a little bit to help with the Fitness test?


  19. Re: Engineer (IS) Officer

    Try and cut the weight training down a bit and do more body weight exercises such as pull ups, press and dips etc and just do a few runs a week. When i was training to join the marines i did not bother doing their training routine, i come from a MMA background and just did more of the circuit training and did 2 runs a week. As for questions only you are gonna know what to ask , but try and find out as much as possible about the trade you want to get in to, to be honest when you go see them and they start talking to you about the job no doubt you will think of questions to ask.

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