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Engineer apprentice sift 2017


Hi There I passed my RT back in May and was informed the sift for engineer apprentice would take place in September.
Just wondered if anyone else is still waiting to hear? I hoped I would have heard something by now even if its that I haven't got an interview
Many thanks


Lantern Swinger
Give Jago Road a call or drop them an email?

It's possible the sift hasn't happened yet, has only just happened, or has been delayed.

We've still got a few days of September to go yet. Personally I'd wait till the end of next week.

Good luck!


War Hero
and was informed the sift for engineer apprentice would take place in September.

As the other chap says, September is not yet over.

When the sift is over, the Staff may wish to have a 'thank fcuk for that' moment and have a weekend off and do the paperwork later. Postage is second class.


Ok I was only asking a question as when I look up this time last year applicants had actually already heard by now. I am putting other applications on hold for this so my apologies if I'm sounding impatient but I am understandably getting a little anxious for an out come.


Nothing here yet either.
I believe the Sift was scheduled for the end of September. I guess it will take a couple of weeks for admin / postal notifications etc....
Fingers crossed this week or next we shall hear some news.


I had a reply from my email to them to say it was happening last week and I should hear soon after so hoping this week the postman will bring good news. Good luck to you too


I received an email today saying unfortunately I will not be offered a interview. Gutted !!
Maybe I'm too old at 38.....

Best of luck to the rest, I hope your news is better.



Meeting you in the middle at 21 guys. I called them and they said there were over 150 applications for 15 placements even after they set upper psychometric test and sift requirements so don't feel too bad...


Hello all,

I too have been turned down. This is the second time for me so guess there is nothing else I can do. Submitted the best application I could. Maybe I am too old as well. (Older than you Britt3n). Maybe it is a very popular job choice.

Best of luck to all those who got through. For those for who this is their first attempt I would say stick with it and try again next March. I think it will be a great job. What could be more fun than being at sea and working on those huge diesels.

Anyone have any idea if there are any jobs less sort after? Lol.


Sorry to hear you had the same outcome as myself.

Does anybody know if reapplying is restricted to March for specifically the Engineer Apprentice - or all the roles / aspects of the RFA ?

With 15 years as a mechanical Engineer and 2 as a BT Engineer , I hoped to have half a chance at a interview....the standards must be extremely high.

Maybe a slightly non- technical role might be worth trying next.
I would just like to have a career within the RFA / travel / shift pattern etc...


Apparently the steward, chef, and communications apprentices with the RFA are far less applied for, I don't know if you'd have to wait until March to apply though.


I think, Seadog that there is no other way in for someone that is qualified engineering wise but does not have specific Motorman experience or certification. Sorry as appear to be answering for someone else here. The only way to get in seems to be as an already experienced seafarer or as a complete novice. Maybe the RFA may want to consider some level of entry between the two.

They are very narrow and specific about entry for a lot of their roles. Insisting on GCSE equivalent grade B for maths and science for some roles, for example when many people may have much higher and relevant qualifications but may only have a grade C equivalent in maths.


My condolences to those not receiving an interview,

I had my interview last week, unfortunately I didn't pass initially but have been given an opportunity for a second interview in early Jan for the AIB in late Jan. The recruitment officer felt that my research on RFA officers wasn't up to par however I have exhausted a lot of resources online so was hoping someone here would be able to point me in the right direction with regards to the following:

  • Expand on the role of an officer, distinction and the leadership and management responsibilities
  • Know about primary and secondary roles of an engineer officer in the RFA
  • Think about why you are applying
I am an ex RN aircraft engineer so have a good knowledge of ships, units, ranks, equipment, operations etc.. however the RFA does have quite a few differences which I was unaware of.

Thanks for any and all help/advice given
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War Hero
I had my interview last week, unfortunately I didn't pass


It appears that you don't know what (RFA Engineer) Officers do,
what qualities they (are expected to ) have or why you want to be one.

There is plenty of information on line, official and unofficial. The only thing RFA Officers get served on a plate... is dinner.
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