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Discussion in 'RFA' started by DBoy999, Mar 23, 2016.

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  1. Have just had a provisional offer for the Comms Apprentice subject to medical etc. Can my own GP do an ENG1 or does it have to be a designated GP that is approved to do ENG1? If its not your own GP can they also do the jabs at the same time? Also wondered why the Discharge Book £40 is non-refundable by the RFA yet the Jabs and Interview travel is? Thanks for any feedback.
  2. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mca-approved-doctors-uk-based

    This is a link of the approved doctors that can carry out an ENG 1. Very rarely can your own gp do it , you'll need to check the list for approved doctors in your area. They can do your vaccinations as well.
    Not sure about the discharge book, as I got mine, well before joining the RFA
  3. Ok thanks Panda&naynay and Zimmer for your quick replies. much appreciated.
  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I'd be surprised if an ENG1 doc would do your vaccinations. Don't bank on that. There are also low stocks on some vaccines at present so get onto your own doctors who have your full medical records and will know exactly what you require.
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  5. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Also, as I understand it so don't take it as correct, the RFA don't refund the cost of your DB as you can use that with any company and they usually outlive a career in the RFA, whereas vaccinations expire and travel costs are usually for courses etc for the benefit of the company.
  6. Ok thanks Jenny that makes sense. With the jabs do you know if I have to have those before getting an Eng1 or are they independent of each other.As you mentioned there may be a shortage of some vaccines so would I have to hold off on the Eng1 until all jabs were complete?
  7. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just get everything booked. The sooner you get things sorted, the sooner you can let recruitment know of any snags you're having and they can advise accordingly.
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  8. Ok cheers
  9. Most major high street chemists have a travel centre for the likes of your yellow fever and your medical practice nurse should be able to give you the other vaccinations if not the NHS travel centre will
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  10. Finding anywhere NHS or private with BCG in stock is a pain at the moment it's last thing I need to do, I heard that low stock was sorted back in Feb but the company who supply the jab said that they don't have supplies to last the year so there being very tight over who they're supplying.
  11. It adds up to quite a few quid to get the jabs done more than£300 according to Boots's price list. I know you get it back but could take about 6 weeks to get it.
  12. The only thing I had to pay for was the yellow fever take that letter from RFA medical to your GP/practice nurse they may chose to wave any fee like mine did
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  13. Ok cheers SCC it's worth a try. I guess you're always going to pay top whack at Boots anyway.
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  14. Dont go to Boots it costs double for even shower gel in there :confused: I only had to pay for Yellow Fever £36 but i dont know if thats because we dont pay for prescriptions in Scotland, ENG1 was £80
    You dont need your vaccinations before your ENG1 you just need to get everything sorted ASAP and if there is a shortage of vaccines i would see your practice nurse 1st :)
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  15. I'm going to the GP's tomorrow to see what the score is. Sounds like a good deal in Scotland free scripts. I got a tube of eye ointment last week from the Docs on prescription cost me £8.30. Bet there wasn't more than 30 drops in ito_O
    I spoke to Jago Rd today and they told me to concentrate on the jabs and they'd tell me when to book the ENG1.
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  16. Make sure you get a timetable for your 'live' vaccinations as there has to be a four week period between them if not taken on the same day and it can prove tricky with the time restrictions by the RFA to get everything sorted.
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  17. I'll have a word with them today . Cheers H

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