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I'm afraid I have a number of questions, so I apologise in advance for the length of my post.

I intend to apply to join the Royal Navy with a suggested specialisation in Eng(IS). My questions relate to the selection process in general and also more specifically to the Eng(IS) position.

Firstly, how many months would it normally take (minimum rather than maximum) from someone first phoning to arrange a meeting with a Liaison Officer to being admitted to BRNC upon being successful?

Further to that, when do officer entries to BRNC normally occur in the year?

The reason I ask is I would like to time my entry to BRNC, if successful, to meet the end of the funding for the PhD I am currently completing. I don't want apply too early because I have let my fitness slip since entering University and although I have been working hard on it since June I still feel as if I have a way to go before I can comfortably take the physical.

With regards Eng(IS) in particular, could someone explain to me in more depth what this position involves? I've read the information leaflet here, but it seems to be a little thin on the ground. Does anyone here have any experience of this position, either as a rating or an officer?

As an aside, does anyone have or know of anyone currently serving in the Royal Navy with a PhD? Will this count against me during selection, or will it aid my application? Perhaps it will do neither?

Thanks for reading!
Welcome Andy!

There are some RN Careers Advisors on the forum who are the experts in answering questions like these; they are probably v. busy and not online at the moment, but if you check back later in the day, you will almost certainly see a reply.


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Welcome Andy,

To be honest times fluctuate depending on trade so the best person to give you an accurate pointer is the Area Careers Liaison Officer (ACLO) at your AFCO. I'd guess 4 months minimum is the shortest timescale from sitting the initial Recruiting Test to entry, but quite possibly longer.

With effect from 23 April 2009, there will be entries of up to 140 Officers, 3 times per year. (Sept 09 & Jan 2010 being the next entry dates after 23 April).

There's quite a few PhD's kicking around in the RN & RM- doubtless there are a few that aren't Officers. (A recent recruit troop of Other Rank Royal Marines had 19 grads out of 55, for example). The advantage of a "PhDoobrey", is you get paid more due to the fact you are awarded 3.5 years seniority on a starting wage of £28K.

There are seagoing billets as E(IS), generally in theamphibeous ships/carriers but not a great deal compared to, for instance, Warfare Officers & whilst you will serve at sea & indeed operationally, the bulk of your time may well be be spent in shore-based appointments - again your ACLO will advise whether this is still the case. It's a relatively recent branch, so the careers path is still being forged.


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The E(IS), are now streamed in a similar fashion to our WE counterparts so you will typically undergo BRNC, IST then do CFT and follow that with SEMC - the specialist Engineering Management Course at Collingwood.

Following SEMC you will be employed on a wide variety of platforms (not just LPD or CVS) as the CISO/CISE, which cover Submarines, CVS, LPD, LPH, T22, T23, T42, T45 and Astute. During your time onboard you will be expected to pass your WE charge board, which is your initial career hurdle.

Career options thereafter are varied. Try this for more E(IS) thread. At the moment there isn't any linkage between the rating CIS branch and the E(IS) but we're looking at this at the moment.

If you want more detail PM me.



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Thanks for the welcome, and the useful replies. This really does sound like the specialisation for me from what I have read. I guess I'll phone the AFCO in the new year to find out more as my resolution.

Now, just to get myself fit. All seems to be going well mind you, back in May I could barely run 20m without dying and now I swim 1km every (weekday) morning!

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