Energy Secretary Resigns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Chris Huhne has quit as energy secretary after learning he will be charged with perverting the course of justice over a 2003 speeding case.
    His ex-wife Vicky Pryce will face the same charge in relation to claims she accepted his penalty points.
    Mr Huhne, Lib Dem MP for Eastleigh, said he was innocent but would stand down to "avoid distraction".
    Business Minister Ed Davey will replace him, but Nick Clegg said he hoped Mr Huhne could return to government.

    BBC News.

    Strange days indeed, as I always thought that in this the great country of ours you were innocent until proved guilty.
  2. Unlike Fred Goodwin, who was "guilty" of nothing...
  3. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - or - don't leave your missus for a younger model. Especially if she has (allegedly) taken the rap for your gash driving!!
  4. Stepped down, resigned same difference and my point is that he is shouting his innocence from the roof tops, so if he has not broken the law why would he throw the towel in, I smell fish.

    That would be the Goodwin who took early retirement a month before RBS announced losses of £24.1 billion,nowt wrong with that is there.
  5. If he hadn't 'stepped down','d be complaining that his position was untenable...... or have I got you all wrong ?
  6. Wrong on this one Flags, I am a firm believer in innocent until proved guilty.

    Not like the Pusser eh; Captain to MAA, 'Wheel the guilty bastard in Master'.
  7. Or like the new politically correct version of 'Cluedo'............where they now have a black guy along with Col Mustard, Proff Plum all you have to do is guess the room and the weapon !
  8. If you listen to his statement he says he has 'stepped down/resigned'. So he doesn't even know.

    Any way, one Minister is a bad as another. They simply have different techniques for porky pies.
  9. In a world where members of the House Of Lords feel able to remain as such after being convicted of fraud and sent to jail it is a refreshing change that someone holding high public office feels the need to resign before he has been convicted.I think he has done the right thing as should he be convicted the level of fallout after the event will be reduced.
    As for Fred the Shred he is guilty of gross incompetency and pisspoor management over and beyond anything previously seen in this country ever before.OK no criminal charges have been brought but it is not exactly what you would like a Knight of the Realm to have on his CV
  10. Is he actually called 'Black Guy'?

    fishhead, you think he is guilty as charged then?

  11. Have no fear the bus is still in the depot.
  12. I hope it reverses over your skull.
  13. I have no idea only he and his ex-wife know the truth.
  14. Have I missed something, or is the most inconclusive thread ever?

    Man is accused of concealing speeding offences, resigns, cue outrage/sniggering/indifference.

    In other news, I think I have found the new Mancho Man. Granted, he's in America, but he shares the same traits of paedophilia and hating girls.
  15. I'm waiting for a delayed flight and might not even get on it anyway due to being more than a little bit drunk. Does that add anything worthwhile?
  16. Not likely to happen MLP as when it does leave the depot I will be in the cab, a modern day version of a gallant knight on his white charger and I knew I would get a my own command one day.
  17. Not a thing. Where are you waiting? I have a 24 hr flight over 4 airports next week, so would appreciate any in airport ents advice you have....

  18. As a NCO in HM Forces you should know better than to drink too much before boarding a flight, or are you just a lightweight?
  19. No. It's because I'm not an NCO. I'm an SNCO.
  20. Get drunk, sit by the balcony and throw small rolled up pieces of the telegraph at people. It's got me through the last 2 hours.

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