Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Canaldrifter, Jan 11, 2007.

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  1. Y'know that little matelot on telly who reckons he and his mates are gonna save the planet by committing themselves to using energy saving lightbulbs?

    Well.... I hope Trinity House don't do the same with their lighthouses, otherwise one day he could be in deep doo dah.
  2. I think you will find if you ever get out of the canal netwrok that Trinity house have gone a step further and use a lot of solar power these days to power their lights
  3. I think that you will also find that the little matelot on the telly is RNR!

    You see we have many uses!
  4. I hope the RNR has more uses than to advertise such useless items Rosy. When the boffins can be bothered to invent something that actually sheds any light and doesn't require you to install EXTRA lighting to compensate for the product's inadequacies I'll gladly install them all over the house. I have a friend whose house is completely kitted out with them and its really depressing and you can't see to read a book downstairs. Some chap on the radio was pontificating about them being just as good ... scientists tell lies was the only message I took from that programme :(
  5. Iagree with GoldenRivet, I tried some at home and had to replace them with normal bulbs - even my cats couldn't see where they were going!
  6. They 'conveniently' forget to inform people that these bulbs - sorry 'Lamps' - are about a fiver each in Woolies. 8O

    I'd have thought that the powers that be who require us to save energy (obviously not Powergen/Edf etc) would make them a sight cheaper to buy
    than the non-green ones.

    I have only one (flourescent type) which is dim to start with but gets brighter the longer it is on. But I do have dimmer switches fitted in the other rooms which seems to help the bill.

  7. G R

    I hope you didn't strain your eyes.

    Many years ago, I saw a detailed argument in Wireless World that these "bulbs" don't actually reduce power consumption. The argument was that they put a progressive Phase shift into the power supply that fools the electric meter into recording that it's using less than it is. As I never seem to throw anything away, I must dig it out and re-read it. It isn't easy finding things in such a dark house, though.
  8. I've got an energy saving lamp in the bathroom. It takes so long to warm up that I've taken to having m old man's midnight horse swamp in the dark!
  9. I was told years by Taffy that the soil in the Rhondda was so dark that they had to plant light bulbs (NB before energy saving lamps)

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