Energy giants refuse to cut prices

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. The 'Big Six' energy giants will defy growing public anger and the demands of the energy regulator by refusing to cut gas prices at least until the spring, despite the fact that the UK is sitting on a glut of cheap wholesale gas. The price collapsed last week to 34p a therm, whereas this time last year it was £1.
  2. As winter is fast approaching, they will probably do as last winter and raise their prices.
  3. Aye it's another one of Thatcher's legacies, the bunch of bandits. :evil:
  4. Fink

    You blame Thatcher if you want but in my book the real villain of the piece is, and always has been, that bloke Cromwell!

    He is the root cause of all the MP expense fiddles, mismanagement of the country, self-serving wasters and idlers. If he wasn't already dead he should be shot! In fact I think he should be dug up (what bits can be found) and shot again anyway just for good measure!
  5. That's why they have a statue of him outside the House of Commons and yes I do blame Thatcher and her privatisation of the utilities under the guise that competition would be a good thing for the consumer. Well it's my belief that the power companies are all in collusion and set the price between them, of course proving it is a different matter.
  6. On the other hand your mates have had 12 years now to do something about it and have sat with their thumbs up their bumbs as usual. I reckon the present government is far more in hock to business than the last lot of tories ever was.
  7. Fin at last we agree on something, I actually work for one of the big six now, and all they offered was a 1% pay rise. Now I know a lot of people didn't even get a pay rise this year but for the amount of profit some of these companies turn over you'd think they'd look after there own people. In some area’s talk’s are still on going, candle shopping and portable gas stove’s might be a good idea for your Xmas Boxes gent’s. don’t say you haven’t be warned come ‘the winter of discontent’.
  8. What would you suggest then that they renationalise the utility companies?

    As for the present incumbents being my mates I think not, as it stands at the moment I would not trust any of them of any persuasion to clean a blocked trap.
  9. The absence of REAL competition in the domestic marketplace is the real problem. The prices they can charge consumers depends upon what the regulator will tolerate and what powers they were granted by Parliament when they were established following privatisation. Prices have come down for industrial users, where the market does work effectivly. Renationalisation is no panacea. It is worth remembering that the historical lower costs charged to industry is a legacy of state ownership, where the government of day ensured industry were subsidised by domestic consumers, as happens today. The problem with utilities, is that unlike buying food or other goods, it is not easy to switch supplier and the energy, like other utility providers, rely on inertia by the vast majority of their customers. Utilities by their nature cannot operate in a true free market unless domestic customers really could switch supplier on, say, a month-by-month basis with no penalty and just as easily as turning off one tap and turning on another. It is difficult to see how this could ever be viable given the infrastructure implications.
  10. The Energy companies are operating a near Cartel.The Government watchdog is a toothless old mongrel who may write them a stiffly worded letter saying how disappointed they are.We are stuffed. :evil:
  11. Well the news over the last couple of days has confirmed what you said; the greedy barstewards. :evil:

    And this is the feed of arse from from Ofgem who are supposed to look after the consumers interests.

    Ofgem is the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets. Protecting consumers is our first priority. We do this by promoting competition, wherever appropriate, and regulating the monopoly companies which run the gas and electricity networks.

    An article by David Hughes in the Daily Telegraph.

    Just when you thought you were outrage-proof at the venality of our public servants, out of the woodwork pops Alistair Buchanan, the chief executive of Ofgem, the notably feeble energy “watchdogâ€. Buchanan trousers a salary of £265,000 a year, poor chap, so you can see why he needs to hammer the old expense account - to the tune of £28,000 last year. That included a £50 round of drinks at a meeting to discuss fuel poverty (no, I’m not pulling your leg) as well as £5,7000 for overnight stays in London if he had to work late or start early. So in which distant part of the country is the Buchanan residence? John O’Groats? Penzance? No, it’s Egham in Surrey,actually, from which the 7.23 a.m. Network SouthWest train will get him into Waterloo by 8.06. And he certainly does not stint himself on those overnight stays - claiming £826 for two nights last July, which suggests he’s managed to find a six-star hotel in the capital. Claridges doesn’t charge that much.
    Surely someone should be keeping this greedy chap in check. In theory, that’s the job of Ofgem’s chairman, Lord Mogg. But he’s at it too. In fact, his expenses claim is even bigger - £35,000 for the year, and he only works a three-day week.
    This grasping duo might be able to justify milking the taxpayer in this way if Ofgem did a brilliant job of protecting the interests of gas and electricity consumers. But it doesn’t. We get a lousy deal. But that has not stopped Mogg and Buchanan making the average nose-in-the-trough MP look a model of self-restraint. Trebles all round!
  12. Aye and under the Tories they cut their prices, it is just since Blair/Brown (the socialists) that they have raped the consumer, Strange that.
  13. <Gulp> I'm with Finky on this. And I am so normally off to the right calling Gengis a pooftah.

    Of course the Government and its "agencies" of all shapes and colours will make a token bluster whilst getting on the Outrage Bus; but at the end of the day, the Govnmt don't really care as these companies pay Corporation Tax and the employees pay Income Tax. Lovely Jubbly And that is what it is all about. Dosh going into the Government to pay for .... <insert long list of Government outgoings here>
  14. Aye I am not too sure about you calling the Broon boys and girls socialists.
  15. If it walks like duck and quacks like a duck.......etc.etc
  16. It's a duck?
  17. That's why I put it in brackets, but to be fair they tax and spend like socialists and fosdter inneficiency like socialists and have lots of targets that must be met just like socialists.

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