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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Oscar1, Jan 6, 2009.

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  1. I left the Corps a while back and now along with four lads from work who are also all ex RM want to do some fund raising for Help for Heroes. This is even more relative now as one of the four recently lost a family member (again RM) on Ops in Afghanistan.

    We are thinking of going down to Lympstone and running the Endurance Course

    Does anyone have contact details for someone at CTC who could help arrange this??

  2. Here's the phone number mate. Give 'em a bell and ask to speak to the Chief Club Swingger, I'm sure he'll be able to jack something up for you and your cause.
    Royal Marines
    Commando Training Centre
    Tel: (01392) 873781
    Lympstone, Exmouth, EX8 5AR
  3. Keep us informed - I'll raise some sponsorship for you if you go ahead [and if you don't get stuck in the water tunnel or drown in Peter's Pool]

  4. Or enter as team for Commando Challenge in Oct

    Me and my brothers did it last year. The event was in aid of two charities. Help for Heroes and Devon Air Ambulance.

    7 Mile Event 2 Mile run into 3 mile Obstacle Course into 2 Mile run

    I've entered again this year with my brothers and 3 additionsla friends this time.


    Here's me and my two brothers after we completed it.


    Me going through sheep dip

  5. Thats great Gents, thanks for that. Bergen, you make a good point about getting stuck in the water tunnel - i was a bout 12 stone in training - 19 years ago, i am now 16 stone. The water tunnel should be okay but the smartie tube might be a bit on the snug side!!

    Will keep you posted with any developments......

    Per Mare, Per Terram
  6. And you did that for fun!! I still have nightmare FFS

    knobber :thumright: :dwarf:
  7. Good luck with it and keep us informed


    Per Mare Per Terram
  8. Nah not for fun I did it for those who need a little help!

    Doing it again this year lol
  9. Credit to you mate. Are you the skinny twunt on the right?? If you are i bet your glad you weren't behind your brothers in the smartie tube eh!!! :thumright:
  10. Lol Nah that's the youngest on the right Oldest in the middle.

    My youngest has never been in the forces. My older bro was a Buntin. We finished 98th out 150 all male teams so quite pleased for our first time and didn't know really what it was going to be like.
  11. Should have known by the pointy head and recently developed thrid eye!! :thumright: :thumright:

    Well done on running it and good luck with it next year!!

  12. Aye that'd be me lol

    Cheers I know what to expect this time lol
  13. Trying to remember why was it called Peter's Pool did he piss in it at sometime or was he drowned???? I do remember on the day of the race it became deeper rope moved down some I think?
  14. It was very deep when I went through it mind you I'm not the tallest of blokes lol
  15. I'm also doing a H4H charity erm.. thing, walking from lands end to bristol,I know it doesn't compare to what you're doing.

    Good luck, it's a good cause.
  16. It's best to do it in mid December like I did in Test Week, then you can 'skate' across the ice. Until the TT see you half way across and make you go back and break it!!
    My balls have only recently taken up residence in my scrotum again, after that episode 29 years ago.
    Good luck to all of you doing your bit for the Troops.
  17. When I did the challenge last October it was roasting! I was glad to take a dip
  18. Aye, September and October would be my choice for doing owt at Lympstone. Not too hot and not yet icers.
  19. The brain cell recalls it was about October time when I was down yonder. I do remember it snowing .
  20. Test week for me was in May, steaming hot with blokes going down with heat exhaustion all over the place.

    Happy days :thumright:

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