War Hero
Say it isnt So Joe!!!! aka (monty) :cry: :cry: :cry: Or Maybe ????unfortunately. the announcement about my tenure. like the announcement about Mark Twain's death. was premature MLP???
Nutty's safe and sound cornering the World's supply of nutty. All profits from the Nutty Fund go to help distressed sailors cope better with life outside the fish tank.


War Hero
2_deck_dash said:
What is going on?

Who is the mysterious Rumration murderer?

First Ron Jeremy now Monty?

Who will be next?[/quote]

Probably me!!


:roll: :roll:


War Hero
X.R.D said:
Probably me!!


:roll: :roll:
Bet you are really!!! I bet you go running into your room crying and don't come out for two days until your coaxed out with Ice cream by your lover.

Edited to add MLP see you later princess, you can borrow my mobile to phone your Mum if you like and have a good old cry :twisted: We will miss you really.


Lantern Swinger
If you can't take it, don't give it out. Seems like Monty has taken his bat and ball and gone home. Guess there is no way back now. Wonder how long before he starts to regret it ?
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