End to careening ships in sight.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by PE4rocks, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Whilst wandering round t'interweb I came across this which may be of interest.;

    Source: Popsci

    Good idea I thought and it'll stop the embarassment of things like the HMS Nottingham 'careening ship' problem...

    <pongo exeunts stage left>
  2. I can see the environmentalist outrage bus warming up already. Didn't the mob trial a new paint not so long back to achieve the same? . The paint was a light blue IIRC
  3. Exeter used that 'Blue' in the 70-80's I seem to recall......Seems to have been an ongoing quest. Probably a spin-off from the offshore oil/gas industries

    Exeter was coated at final docking, before acceptance, in April 1980.
    A parallel trial, with the standard of the day coating, was run with Southampton
  4. As I remember it, EXETER’s blue bottom was a continually eroding co polymer paint that shed weed and crustaceans with the paint. The earlier tin rich paints were turning the marine life nancy.

    The newest technology is currently under ARK ROYAL. http://www.nebusiness.co.uk/business-news/science-and-technology/2009/09/10/lick-of-paint-cuts-navy-carbon-footprint-51140-24649566/

    Also; http://www.international-marine.com/Literature/Intersleek%20900.pdf
  5. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Exeter's first commish, through the Falklands saw her sporting the blue bottom. It was a self polishing co-polymer paint, only available at time of application in light green, plum pink and light blue because of it's commercial stock. When we charged at the Baltic contingent coming through the Skaggerak in 1981 with Jeremy Dreyer in his dad's wartime duffel and black destroyer Captain's hat, the Soviets peeled off and came for a closer look. Then their Sverdlov broke down and we spent three days harrassing it off Orkney.

    *misty eyed*


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