End of the line for SA's - time to party

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by dustyjack, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. My apologies if this is already common knowledge, but if not.....

    All the traditional S&S (or Logistics as we are now) branch names will cease to exist in their current form on 1st April 2007. For the Jack Dusties we become LOGS(SC) (Supply Chain in case you are interested). This being the case a committee has been set up to mark this auspicious (suspicious?) event by holding a Jack Dusties farewell bash in HMS Drake SR's mess in late March. It is intended to have up to 350 people attend and will be open to anyone who is now, or ever was a Jack Dusty of whatever rate - even if it was only for day one of the SA's course before they PVR'd. If anyone is interested I will keep them up to date as things develop. I am not on the committee myself, but in time honoured tradition, I know a man who is.
  2. What a complete load of bollocks (the name change) enjoy the partee
  3. I still haven't come to terms with the demise of the Supply Branch.

    I'm well aware of the good job that Writers, Caterers, SAs, Stewards, Cooks (or whatever they are now) do, both ashore and at sea (particularly their NBCD role). But to me, Logistics seems a bit of a strange term - I associate that with transport and MT; Supply seemed a more appropriate branch name.

    Although calling the Logs Officer and asking to book a Pussers Tilly would be a good wind up 8)
  4. I agree with F169's (AMAZON?) sentiments. Another attempt at one size fits all Jointery.

    The Stores Accountant Branch has a long and proud history and this change for change sake is barking. The job, an important and often thankless one, isn't going to change and the Supply Chain tag will defy the Trades Description Act. I detect the DPM clad fraternity at work here.

    I'm not sure any of this is a cause for celebration but "the end of an era" certainly deserves to be well marked. Please keep us up to date on this.
  5. I think it is a sign of the times, if in doubt disorganise, oops sorry re-organise. It pervades all through oursociety and often little really changes but people have new grand titiles and outside the Andrew new pay and bonuses to go with the rest of the gloss.

    As ever i these days of spin and gloss I suspect that Jack will end up the worse for it both in the branch and out.

  7. The Mob never threw a party when warfare changed to topmast a few yrs back!

    Actually, we were mostly drunk any how!

    Name change is pish though!
  8. Oh great, another unnecessary name change.

    It was probably in an obscure DIN or tucked away in a Fleet Memo that flitted across the screen like every other piece of information does these days!

    I assume the NBCD School will now become the CBRND School, requiring all signs and maps to be changed. :roll:

    I firmly believe that there is a small room over in the Black Hole of Whale Island, filled with senior people whacked up on acid whose job it is to come up with new ideas and names.

    Sorry, just had a v frustating afternoon! 12 months to go.
  9. I suspect the acid whacked space wasters are in a black hole a long way from WI.

    TattooDog has just reminded me of another sore point; DINs. What was wrong with bloody DCI's? The hired help consultants couldn't grasp the concept?
  10. All this constant branch name changing and changing of things such as DCIs etc is a complete waste of public money and really gets up my goat.

    I am becoming more and more convinced that there is a team of 'idiots' who sit in a room in Whitehall and have competitions to think up stupid ideas.

    "I know, lets change the name of DCIs to DINs as the Armed Forces are used to that acronym by now and it needs revitalising"

    "How about we invent a new name for NBCD as well, after all, if that is passed we will get around £200,000 each for thinking up such a spiffing and wonderous name change and it will then mean all documentation will require changing as well. And old Dennis at 'docs are us' will benefit from all the required work and revenue" Fantastic.

    By the way, I hope you get to have a decent party as well. I can remember many SA's who looked after me very well with extra bits of kit and stuff in the past. :lol:
  11. 8O :cry:

    I wonder when the mob will be all be dressed the same (a la Canadienne) - or is dpm the general dress these days ?
    Somehow being called a 'Loggie' doesn't have the same ring as 'Dusty'.

    End of a tradition.

    Ex Dusty 62-79
  12. Well, the Engineers and the dabberoos are having new titles, so the mafioso blanco might as well jump on the bandwagon. The duvet fluffers are being merged with the chefs to form a Food Services (FS) branch, which will at least guarantee them stayng on the higher band.
  13. [quote="Jenny_Dabber"]The Mob never threw a party when warfare changed to topmast a few yrs back!

    Actually, we were mostly drunk any how!

    Name change is pish though![/quote]

    Thats because TOPMAST affected JRs of all branches, it was'nt a change of name as such. And of course, "The Mob" isn't throwing a party for the Jack Dusties either.
  14. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The Canucks have shied away from their "all one service" uniform - they're back to having service specific variants again.
  15. I take your point!

    Regarding the Canucks; since when did our resident f**kwits ever learn from the experience of others?
  16. In days of old prior to the current designations these were the SA rates at the time 8O

    SA (V) Victualler = Nuts & Raisins
    SA (S) Stores = Nuts & Bolts
    SA (A) Air Stores = Wrens only branch at Air stations

  17. Jack Dusty sounds so much better than Jack Loggy, don't you think?

    As to Loggy, it puts me in mind of something I've passed........painfully!

    What's the matter with these people?
  18. It has been suggested that our resident f---witts sit and wait for others to screw up, make a note of why they screwed up and then implement the exact same procedures.

    But I would never be so cynical. 8)
  19. Wouldn't do any harm to change the name from Accountant to Supplier like the RAF - at least then it's in their job title that they have to give stuff away!
  20. If it pains you how do you think the JD's feel when they actually have to issue something.. :lol:

    You want it when?????????????????????

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