End of the Deltic in RN service

Would some nice clankie like to take this on? If yes, please leave a comment and I will PM you Nigel Paine's email address and mobile phone number:

"I was wondering if you had any Navy contacts who could help us with some information about the Hunt Class MCMV.

My reason for asking is that the Hunts are in the process of being refitted and more importantly re-engined. There are only a few left running with Deltic engines and we want to try and commemorate the end of Deltics in Navy use.

Deltic engines have been used by the RN for over 65 years so we think it is apt that there should be some ceremony. Can you help us please?

Kind regards,

Nigel Paine
Editor - Napier Heritage News
Webmaster - www.npht.org
Napier Power Heritage Trust"​

Where it started:
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