End of run, good run


Lantern Swinger

I know a lad who has a few of these on standby
(Utter bellend aswell if you didn't guess)

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that will teach him to have good ideas whilst pissed and holding a passport? not a cat person but other stories of other people exploits come to mind but they are old hat so not black cat?
Valiant's week long run to Liverpool pre refit '86....woke up in Glasgow...4 or 5 hours before harbour stations back in Liverpool....

a month or so later was walking around Carlisle and was approached by a friend that told me what a good day I must have had in Carlisle too!!!

I don't drink now, though I have absolutely no excuse for the intervening years
Heard this being bashed on the radio as a possible hoax as the report mentions how easy it is to book a flight ticket on your phone (which airline is going to let a drunk onboard?) also all his shots in Paris are the tourist type shots which are not close together, but who ever heard of letting the truth in the way of a good dit?:whdat:

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