To the unhappy matelot, how long will it take for the Welsh Chavs to do one, on the Service personnel who get drafted/ stationed at St Athan? Not very long I will wager. Instant access to untold oppotunities for robbery, muggings and other forms of social thuggery.

Wind yer neck in and get on with job!

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What makes you think the Welsh chavs are not already "doing one" on the Crab Trainees?

I learned to drive at St Athan, and actually looked forward to Bop Nights, when the "one eyes" of the Valley Commando were bussed in looking for fresh meat. Most amusing.

They'll have a selection now, won't they?
All the more reason for the male one eyes to get even more p1ssed off.


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Would you up sticks from Gosport if you had a family?

Well, lets see…

OK, Gosport is a bit of a dump, but…

Plenty of job opportunities in the area for the kids…

Decent weather…

Tolerable crime rates…

OK, St Athan…

F*ck all jobs except signing on…

Shit weather…

Intolerable crime rates…

Yep, I can see everyone jumping at the 'opportunity' St Athan offers for a family man!


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Streaky said:
Oil_Slick said:
Would you up sticks from Gosport if you had a family?

Are there very many non service family men in Gosport?

Or have they all legged it?

Most are on't social it seems from a casual browse of Gosport High Street on a weekday…


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Here you are speaking from the heart, (I didn't think you had one , just a Sultan branch manager's pamphlet to read from). Fair play shipmate, it's nice to agree with most of what you say.


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matelowkryptonite said:
I think you'll find there is a lot of jobs outside of training, I believe you wouldn't make such comments if i was to have put WEM. Since i've been crash drafted four times now i'd say the navy would still rather employ Artificers as the ET branch (even at leading hand level) is dire. Thanks
I think you'll find you are a mong. I have friends leaving now who are WO2's and have yet to find jobs. If you want to be a lollipop man you may be okay, but I hear they're going for PO's these days.

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