End of free banking

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by babygravy, Mar 2, 2014.

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  1. It would seem that the RBS couldn't make a profit it it was the only bank in Scotland. I expect they can blame it on nationalisation.
  2. We've heard it all before numerous times. There is no such thing as free banking in the real sense as the banking sector has ways and means of extracting money from account holders by sleight of hand. Nowadays it is easy to transfer a current account so it will be entertaining to see who of the leading clearing banks sticks their head above the parapet first.
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  3. If anyone is worried then I am more than happy to look after their money. I guarantee that at least 50% will be returned on request.
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  4. An interesting statement, we will also see a return to being paid cash in hand. I'm sure a lot of the population would not perhaps be happy to see their respective bank charging them for the luxury of having their pay, pension and benefits being paid into a bank account as is the norm these days.
  5. That's okay, I'll be sure to charge them a transaction fee every time I have to read a statement or letter from them.
  6. Exactly right; reap what ye sow. I must admit to being annoyed when the entire benefit system became centred on bank accounts. OK, I don't give a sod for the bludgers but I do for the deserving.
  7. We have been paying a 'subscription' to our bank for years for our privilege premier account, in return we get unlimited travel insurance, breakdown recovery and priority airport lounge passes, all in all I feel that we are getting a very good deal.
  8. Who's that with Finks?
    I've seen free travel insurance and breakdown cover but not airport lounge passes
  9. Much the same ...

    Premioum account so get Mobile Insurance, Travel Insurance, Better rates on the Mortgage, breakdown etc ... but not seen the Airport Passes!!! Much check that out.
  10. Airport lounge passes are offered with some barclays premium accounts.

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  11. Cooperative Bank.
  12. Snap, but never knew about the airport lounges.
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  13. Linky

    I see that account is no longer open to new people.

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