'End of an Era' by RJ Daniels. Former head of Royal Corps of Naval Constructors


Lantern Swinger
Here's a heads up for you post-war sailors and submariners. It's an interesting book from a guy who was there after the atom blasts in japan through the Bikini tests to helping to design the Polaris and hunter-killer boats through to surface ships (AKA 'targets' to bubbleheads)

I happened upon this 'preview' copy and once I read a bit, I went back and read all what was there, I found it that interesting. It's outside my interests really but it was still interesting and informative. A pity the full book isn't up there.

If you want to know about post-war warship construction, give it a look.

The end of an era: the memoirs of a naval constructor - R. J. Daniel - Google Books
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