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[quote="The Guardian 'Guide'" (Sat 21 Aug 10)]When Jonny Sweet picked up the Best Newcomer award at last year's fringe for his show Mostly About Arthur, it seemed as if he'd sprung out of nowhere. That award can bring its own pressures but fortunately his new offering dodges comedy's equivalent of Second Album Syndrome with an hour of inventive entertainment that surpasses his previous work.

This time around, Sweet presents an ostensibly dry, fact-heavy presentation about the recently decommissioned naval destroyer HMS Nottingham. The chunky laughs come partly from his absurdist attention to mundane detail when it comes to the retelling of the ship's story, and also from his extraordinary delivery – a cocktail of upper middle-class anxiety and repressed emotion. Although he's purporting to teach us something about the ship, what stays with the audience are not the varied facts about missile launchers and gas turbines, but the sense that you've witnessed the maturing of a truly first-rate comic talent.

Pleasance Courtyard, to 30 Aug[/quote]
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