Employment opportunities for marine engineers after service


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The RN will train you to become a Marine engineering technician, not an engineer.
Now remove the word Marine from the above and you get engineering technician.
Life after the RN does not need to revolve around marine work, you should by the time you leave have gained extensive engineering technical skills, these skills are easily transferable to most engineering disciplines.
I was a Wafu Radio radar bod.
On leaving I became a naval weapons field engineer for BAe (nothing to do with aircraft)
Seven years later I was employed for a time as a bench engineer repairing computers and associated equipment.
Two years later I joined a company who manufactured and supplied cigarette manufacturing and packaging machinery as an Electrical field engineer.
Finally I worked at Legoland Windsor for six months in Miniland ensuring that the models (PLC controlled) operated efficiently.

The RN will train you for life if you let it, just pay attention grab ALL educational opportunities with both hands and you will get the best out of it.


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I was a marine engineering mechanic, now a careers adviser.

One of the young ET(ME)'s that worked in the department on my last ship, HMS Iron Duke left the Navy as a Leading Hand about three years back, after six years in the navy. He now works in the offshore oil industry - last time I saw him, he popped in to see me with a bottle of rum... he earns over £100K per year.
Later in your career could you go to serve as a marine engineering tech on subs?
Yes you can, as for sea time, shed loads which is probably why there's a bit of a manning crisis.

On a personal note, I'd been in 17 years (as an ME) before I got a shore draft where I was ships company, not just there to do a course!
It's not the sea time per se (it is the navy after all), it's the constant sea time although this has been recognised and is being addressed.
Power generation is another industry that will make use of your time as a marine engineer, I reckon, same money and a quarter of the work, there is nowhere near as much jack of all trades in civvy street, very much more that's not my job, but heh they pay me well!

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