Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by mndc, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. Just a quick question as I am unsure of my position. I have been told by my employer that they will not allow me to join the RNR. I work in the Merchant Navy as an Officer cadet and so find this quite odd. The reason they have given is that I may be called up. I have tried to explain that because I am away at sea a lot and have to attend college when not at sea it is unlikely I would be fully trained within the three years my cadetship lasts. Are employers allowed to refuse to allow me to join? If so is there anything I can do to persuade them?

    Thank you

  2. Employers are well within the rights to refuse to let you join. They would also be within their rights, were you an existing member of the RNR and were seeking employment with them, to make any job offer conditionals upon you resigning from the RNR. I am in a reserved occupation (public sector) but was allowed to remain both in the ROC and once disbanded, join the RNXS, on the understandng that if called out I could lose my job with no redress. I agreed to this. Mind you, we didn't face the current situation of having to fill-in for the Regulars.
  3. Did you know that potential recruits now have to take their application form to their boss for a signature to say "Yes you can join"? We can barely get people through the door as it is without this hurdle.
  4. Treating adults like children! When I joined the ROC back in 1979 I had to get my parents to sign a form granting their permission for me to be ruffed up and ordered about by other adults :wink:, but I was 16 then. It's a bit embarassing having to do so again as an adult! :?
  5. Who are your employers? They should be named and shamed! Once upon a time proper shipping companies were pleased to let their people go. It was good training and the Blue Ensign looked good on the back of their ships.
    On the plus side don't join. in the course of time become the Captain of something like QM2 and they will make you an Honourary Captain RNR!
    Or if you would rather, sail round the world single handed, and you can be a Honourary Lieutenant Commander. (Sorry, thats girls only. Robin K-J was a real one.)
  6. You have to see it from their point of view, you are not much use to them if you are a mate on a ship and then get called up to go and play sailor are you? Your real job will be more important anyway, if you are that bothered, don't go into the merch and join the regular RN then you get the best of both worlds training wise.

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