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Discussion in 'UPO' started by danny, Jul 28, 2014.

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  1. Any idea what the address is for the Navy as an employer. I could ask the UPO tomorrow in work but I would like to send this form off tonight any of you fine gentlemen/***** can help.
  2. What's it for? I always just use my unit address as my employer address.
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  3. I think I just put Royal Navy and the address for the crab base I left from? However it was 6 years ago and I've slept since then
  4. For a visa application form, i thought there was an address at whale island or london which was used for this kind of thing.
  5. I always use the postcode for Nelson. Never had any problems
  6. HM The Queen
    Buckingham Place
    SW1A 1AA
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  7. When I did mine it was MOD (N) Whitehall, but Centurion is also in my foggy brain for some reason. Unless a writer is lurking, Im guessing Sgt P. or Ninj might have a better idea. Admin, don't you just love it?
  8. Got visas for five separate countries (long story) last year just using my unit address. No drama.
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  9. STC duties?

    Oh shit, sorry mate
  10. You'll be saying bollocks to the Buffer next.
  11. Danny, are you doing it as a mivvy or still from within unit or estab? If the latter, looks like you have an answer. If they let MLP into non-EU countires with a permit to work, you can only imagine they didn't check up what sort of loon he is.

    If Schotlant go their own way will we need a Visa and a SAMCO on jockanese to work North of the wall? Answers on a deep fried pizza....
  12. Im still serving although not for much longer, this visa is a bit more permanent than just going off on hole for a few weeks.
    I didn't get the form done today anyway in the end some of the questions are ****ing epic.
  13. Ah, the kind you need a sponsor for. They seem to ask the same questions multiple times.

    Going off on hole, nice work if you can get it.:hump:
  14. Monty don't leave me please!!
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  15. Try Russia. That ****er is the most ludicrous application form known to man.
  16. For my NZ Residence application last year, I used my Career Manager's address and contact details (with his knowledge and permission).

    It sounds like you are doing something similar. My suggestion would be to get someone in you Chain of Command, who knows you, to agree to be put down as the 'employer'. That way, if the authority you are applying to decides to pick up the phone then it will be answered by someone who knows what they are talking about. You may find that a couple of days delay in arranging someone who can answer their questions is less than getting someone in a central office somewhere.

    Best of luck with your application.

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