Empire total war

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by builderbambi, May 2, 2010.

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  1. For those who havent played it yet on PC and has cracking naval battles this time round. Fantastic graphics.
  2. Really good as you get further into the game your ships become bigger more cannons. There are several different types of ships to choose. You can board other ships, choose different ammo to take down there sails, the wind plays a big part in it aswell, so you cant just click and make your ship go there. If your pc isnt good enough to run that game try medieval 2 total war thats good as well.
  3. This game is effectively allowing groups of units to advance, full back, and rotate, the setup provides a highly effective ability to move a wider selection of units while retaining a crucial sense of formation.
  4. Yes i like it.
    actually the entire game graphics is very nice.
  5. Williamsmith10 is a retarded spammer, who can't even make a hyperlink work on his sig block. Hopefully he'll be taken outside by his Chinese mafia boss and slotted with a sharpened chopstick.

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