emergency surface

ETME_submariner said:
from what i was told at drake doing smq they blow all ballast tanks pull back on the helm and go as fast as they can

Okay, I have no idea what that means - Does that mean Submarines are out for me?
ETME_submariner said:
i know this is a yank sub but it looks pretty good i have seen a clip of a brit sub going through the bottom a trawler but cant find it on

You have not seen a brit sub going through the bottom of a trawler, that honour belongs to the USS GREENEVILLE (as seen on the other reply). If a brit sub has gone through a trawler it will not be on a video clip, I can assure you. A T Boat had an incident with a trawler (ANTARES) a few years ago and resulted in a rather well publicised court martial.
As for an emergency surface, it's known as "blow & go" - I did one for real a few years ago from ****+ feet on a boat only meant to go to *** feet!!


War Hero
What happens if a boat dives deeper than it is supposed to? Does it put the hull in danger of breaking up due to the pressure?


Surfacing in emergency on UK s/m's is not generally as dramatic
as that portrayed by our American bretheren! I experienced quite a
few of 'em and the angle/speed was never virtually straight up!
(looks good though...) It would probably cause a few broken
limbs among the crew if they were not properly prepared for it and
I would imagine quite a bit of stuff careering around the inside of the
boat - which would'nt help matters either. If it was necessary to
get topside in a rush then I would be all for it....but in comparison
to an Emergency Surface for Trouser Crapping delight...there's
nothing more 'orrible than a nuke (V/T boat) on the surface, plodding
along in a Storm Force 10!. You know its ferkin' ruffers when the boat
is rolling and rocking at Periscope Depth....
"D'you hear there - the submarine is about to run shut down...."
(Ring any bells?)

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